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420 Fest in Denver highlights medical marijuana growing pains



  • Ben 6 years ago

    Last line was unprofessional.

    Did you check the young looking person's ID, were they really 13? Or is that just conjecture demonizing the group with one line.

    Marijuana is just as illegal for kids as alcohol is. Don't go there.

  • Kendra 6 years ago

    @Ben, thank you for your comment. It is fair, and I apologize if I implied I had concrete evidence of the young person's age. I said he "looked to be about 13," because he did in fact appear to be of middle school age, and because he asked to borrow my phone to call his mom. I did not ask to photograph him precisely because of his age.

    It is not my intent to demonize a group of people or advocate for more restrictions, but to illuminate some of the tensions between the intent of the law and the effects of the law. Your point about alcohol is well-taken, but the big difference is that alcohol is understood, both legally and culturally, to be a recreational drug. The unusual status of marijuana in Colorado leads to an interesting situation where many recreational users take up medical arguments, which was what I was trying to get at in describing the young man with the sticker.

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