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420 day

Today as I'm sure you know is 420, a kind of national holiday for pot smokers and those who support its legalization. And never in my lifetime has it seen like full legalization of marijuana has been so close.

People seem to disagree though, according to an AP/CNBC poll. Fifty-five percent think it should remain illegal while 33 % are in favor of legalization.

I ask those 55% of Americans one thing, who owns your body? Apparently you think our bodies belong to the state because you want them to regulate what we can voluntarily choose to put into our body. As well intentioned as you may be, you have to think about the consequences of that decision.

First think of the health benefits (74% actually believe it has medical benefits). Do you suffer from chronic pain? Smoking pot can help tremendously with that and alleviate the pain. It can help prevent epileptic seizures, reduce eye pressure caused by glaucoma, reduce AIDS symptoms such as nausea and vomiting and help with chemo side effects in cancer patients by stimulating your appetite and reducing nausea and vomiting.

Smoking pot can also help with menstrual cramps, arthritis, migraines and alcohol addictions, but it's not legal for people to use pot for these problems because the state loves to get involved in your private medical decisions.

But why is pot even illegal? I guess the simple answer is control, control of the state over you. I like to say it's simply that it's too hard to get tax money off of it and they don't like that.

Some people are so indoctrinated that they believe marijuana is actually worse than alcohol. I invite them to hang out with me and they can throw back shot after shot, while I smoke joint after joint and we'll see who's more impaired after an hour or two.

The crackdown on marijuana has only led to it going underground to the black market and has not led to its eradication. As a matter of fact it's more available now then it was in 1937 when they federally prohibited it. I can name many people who I can get marijuana from, and I'm sure almost everyone reading this article can do the same.

It's led to a dramatic increase in crime, the more the government cracks down the more it drives up the prices and the more a peaceful recreational cannabis user has to pay to support their habits, many of them daily smokers. As the prices go higher and higher they start resorting to crime and theft to support their habits. All those drug dealers you hate only get richer the more and more you crack down because it keeps getting more and more risky to do business so they start charging more and more.

One other fallout is the overcrowded prisons as nearly 1,000,.000 people are arrested per year for simply smoking a joint. To keep throwing these peaceful people into cages sometimes people are paroled and released that deserve to be in jail. I always like to quote Offbeat Bareass by 311.

"The War on Drugs may be well intentioned, but it falls f***in flat when you fail to mention, an overcrowded prison where a rapist gets paroled, to make room for a dude who has sold, a pound a weed, to me that's a crime, here's to good people doin' time"

The government imprisons more of it's population per capita here in the US than Russia and China ever have. Organized crime took a major hit after the repeal of alcohol prohibition and it will take a major hit if we repeal drug prohibition. Look at all the worst gangs across the country and you will find none of them sell anything legal, they make huge profits and fight with other gangs and commit crimes to fund their illegal habits, all because you don't like people using something they have every right to voluntarily put into their body. And you think we're the crazy ones?

For every peaceful drug user arrested it's time and money that could have been spent on a real criminal, like Philip Garrido (Jaycee Lee Dugard's kidnapper), who interestingly enough caught the attention of police because of a little bit of marijuana more than repeated reports from neighbors of children in his backyard.

Christian Science Monitor's Daniel Wood had a good article on today's holiday. He quotes Calvina Faye, the Executive Director of Drug Free America Foundation. She says, "Getting together to get high and dance obscures the fact that this is a very serious issue with serious consequences, in which lives are destroyed and people are killed on highways because of it," she says. "That is not a lighthearted thing."

Calvina is unaware, or maybe she is aware, that they are dying not because of the drugs, but because those drugs are illegal. You cannot legislate away something you don't like, to quote Free Talk Live's Ian Freeman "Jails should only be for flight risks and people who have committed crimes against people with no remorse"

It's time to legalize not just marijuana, but all drugs. Unless you want high crime rates and mass incarceration rates that put shame to Communist China and Totalitarian Russia.

I leave you with a great anti-drug war song by 311 that is NSFW


  • Kent McManigal- 3 years ago

    Happy 420! It astounds me how many people still claim to believe that "drug use" destroys lives when in the vast majority of cases it is only the "legal consequences" of the use that does the destroying. What else would you expect from those who believe what government tools preach?

  • PeterB in Indianapolis 3 years ago

    Provided what you do does not cause MEASURABLE HARM to OTHERS, it is fine.

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