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42 Years Together: Actress/Comedian Lily Tomlin Ties The Knot

In Hollywood finding love is as easy as finding the next big thing. Only problem is, it usually doesn’t last long. But recently love among gay celebrities has proven to be a sure sign that their Love is here to stay.

Love long lasting
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Over New Year’s eve the very funny and talented Lilly Tomlin who has been with her partner Jane Wagner for 42 years tied the knot in a private ceremony in Los Angeles according to E! News. Tomlin who is best known for making audiences laugh on Rowan and Martin’s Laugh- In, in movies like 9to5 and on television shows Murphy Brown and the West Wing.

Forty two years ago gay rights and homosexuality was not where it is today. Today being gay is more socially acceptable. We see the parodies in sitcoms, we laugh at it in comedy sketches and we come together and rally around change when congress makes strides to shape history for a progressive tomorrow.

In 1969 TIME magazine published their cover story which addressed the controversial issue of the “Homosexual in America”. We as a society have come far but still some may say we have a ways to go in acceptance, tolerance and embracing Homosexuality not just in American but the world. Change is slow but love has proven to be the bond which truly does last over time.

According to E! News Tomlin opened up to them back in October when she mentioned planning for a winter wedding stating "I think December, I'm off. I have no obligations at the moment." "Everybody I know who got married, they say it really makes a difference. They feel very, very happy about it."

The story of Tomlin and her love of 42 years first broke in an Arts and Entertainment article in the Chicago Tribune which was written by Liz Smith friend to the happy couple. The article was about Bob Fosse the musical theater director and so much more. Toward the conclusion of the article is a mention of Tomlin getting married to Wagner on the eve of 2014.

Lily Tomlin is just one of many Hollywood gay couples like Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, Rosie O’Donnell and Michelle Rounds, fashion designer Michael Kors and Lance LePere and Sex in the City star Cynthia Nixon and Christine Mariononi who are proving that their love is here to stay.

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