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400 in Louisville protest the presence of Westboro Baptist

Louisvillians come out to protest against this hatred
Louisvillians come out to protest against this hatred
Westboro Baptist

The infamous Westboro Baptist Church from Topeka, Kansas hit Kentucky Sunday March 6th, picketing at two Catholic Churches and two Protestant Churches in the Louisville area. With the intent of showing their disgust for the Catholic faith and as well as their belief that the Protestant Churches are condoners of false prophecy, the Westboro group took to the sidewalks with their typical signs of hatred and prejudice.

Now famous for setting up picket lines and protests at the funerals of soldiers, heralding signs declaring that God hates Catholics, gays and the Pope…as well as other prejudicial slurs, Westboro hops from state to state spreading its own message of hate, declaring it to be the message of God from The Bible.

Members of the church also protested Sunday at churches in Owensboro, Kentucky - including at the church where a man committed suicide after making a Face Book post sharing the trauma of being sexually abused when he was younger.

However, bravo to the 400 plus Louisville citizens who met the handful of Westboro fanatics in front of St. Lawrence Catholic Church to picket in a counter-response to the groups message of hate. Many citizens, organized by local parishioners, came out to show support for their troops, family, and friends and for their right to speak truth over what most consider hatred and lies being spread by the Westboro Baptist group. (See video to the left of this column.)