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40 Small, dark green pills: Review

This is one of the oddest product reviews that we've ever given. First of all, we received two daily samples, which are two small, plastic bags full of about 40 small, foul-smelling, dark green pills. The taste is not so bad if you swallow quickly.

Unlike other (Hidden for the Protection of the Sender) products that we've tried (we've tried many of them), we could not feel the slightest bump of (Hidden for the Protection of the Sender). Nothing. Perhaps, if we had been given the luxury of trying the product for at least 3-5 days, we might have something of substance to report. But, alas, we were not given that option.

We also received 5-5X7 full color postcards, 3-3.5X5 full color postcards and another full color card, 3/4 of an 8X10 sized full color card and 3-8X10 text pages.

Normally, we would ignore such a small sample. The sender would not receive a review. It's an insult to the reviewer, really. Plus, we simply do not have enough information about a given product to be able to state anything about it at all. Not negative, nor positive. The sender wanted a giveaway too. No. That wasn't going to happen. If your gentle reviewer received two sample packs, then, she is not about to send out a whole bag. How could we? How can we vouch for a product for which our knowledge is entirely too limited? We cannot, in good conscious.

However, we thought it fascinating that we would receive so much information, without its equal in product. So, we reported that. Then, we told the tale of the two-day non (Hidden for the Protection of the Sender) experience. Then, we added for future reviews that the idea is to impress the press. Not inundate us with minutia.

We didn't wish to be unkind. This is why we aren't giving the customer's information. What we wish to do is inform.