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40 signs you're a fabulous fitness freak

40 signs you're a fabulous fitness freak

Are you a fabulous fitness freak? If you can relate to some of the items on this list, odds are, you are:

  1. Your wardrobe consists of mostly spandex.
  2. You felt personally attacked when Lululemon got sued for those see-through pants.
  3. You smell up the room with tuna and hard boiled eggs at lunch.
  4. Stretching while you wait for the copier at work is normal, right?
  5. You have to write down all the group exercise classes you want to take because there are so many, you get them mixed up.
  6. Various fun runs and races dominate your weekends.
  7. Your tennis shoes smell like a wrestling team's locker room.
  8. They also display some kind of neon color.
  9. The staff at Lululemon can thank you for half of last month's paycheck.
  10. You own more sports bras than regular ones.
  11. When you buy a pair of workout pants, you always do the butt check. And you know what I'm talking about when I say, "butt check."
  12. You exchange gifts with your favorite yoga teachers during the holidays.
  13. You know it's not really about how you look, but how working out makes you feel.
  14. Then again, dropping those two pants sizes wasn't so painful either.
  15. Despite the inches lost in your waistline, you're still five pounds heavier when you step on the scale. Must be the muscle.
  16. You've been known to lift more than the guy next to you.
  17. Every song on your iPod is upbeat, workout music.
  18. Your playlists are titled things like "Gym," "Running" and "Workout Mix."
  19. Logging a quick run at the gym always turns into a death match with the person running next to you.
  20. Your friends call you crazy when you set you alarm for 5 am to squeeze in a workout before work, but you know it's the only way to make it through your day in one piece.
  21. Who needs a chair when you have an exercise ball?
  22. You pass when your friends try those crazy cleanse diets. You'd rather run an extra four today than starve yourself.
  23. Speaking of food, anything with extreme amounts of protein is your number one favorite meal.
  24. The elliptical? Please.
  25. Pinterest is not for wedding planning. It's for finding new, healthy recipes.
  26. You got caught sneaking your boyfriend's deodorant. It's just so much stronger than yours.
  27. You'd rather someone compliment your toned muscles than your outfit.
  28. A couple toenails are missing from that last long run and you're totally OK with that.
  29. You'd rather log a half marathon than wear six-inch heels for 13.1 minutes.
  30. Your white Ts are now yellow Ts, but for some reason, you keep them around.
  31. So what if you eat six meals a day? You just burned 800 cal at the gym.
  32. Food is the main focus of your day. All meetings, assignments and social activities are centered around what you're eating and when.
  33. Those fitness energy drinks are a load of crap... unless they make you lift an extra few pounds. Then you're all in.
  34. Bailing on workout plans is friendship suicide in your mind.
  35. Your cell rarely leaves its running band.
  36. While friend's are devouring People and Us Weekly, you're all over Fitness Magazine and Women's Health.
  37. When you do catch up on celeb gossip, you really only care about who gained 35 pounds and who lost their baby fat the fastest and how.
  38. Your birthday list consists of a gym membership, more workout clothes and a new Camelback.
  39. Who needs coffee when you have adrenaline to wake you up?
  40. You feel great, you look great and you're fabulously fit.
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