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$40 for a Virgin America Loft pass is money well spent for stranded travelers

It pays to buy a $40 Virgin America Loft at LAX lounge pass
It pays to buy a $40 Virgin America Loft at LAX lounge passPatti Pietschmann

If snowy conditions back east has delayed your flight or you arrived at LAX too early or your flight’s simply delayed and you’re flying Virgin America or find yourself in Terminal 3, invest in a Loft pass, you won’t regret it.

Relax before your flight at the Loft at LAX
Relax before your flight at the Loft at LAXPatti Pietschmann

We got to LAX sooner than expected for a flight to Fort Lauderdale to catch a Princess Cruise and the plane was delayed, so we popped for a Loft pass and the time flew by, so to speak. With an open bar, great snacks, free WiFi and very comfy chairs, it proved $40 (each) well spent.

The spacious lounge is manned by a friendly staff and barkeep who pours good drinks and fine wines. There’s lots of reading material, flat screen TVs, restrooms and wide windows for watching the planes take off and land.

Less than a year old, the oasis-like Loft, located on the upper level of Terminal 3, is very popular with frequent travelers especially lately with bad weather conditions plaguing most of the country but thankfully not Los Angeles. Lounge hours are 6 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. but are adjusted when necessary. Passes are $40 for general travelers, $25 for Elevate (Virgin’s frequent flyer club) and $20 for Elevate Gold card holders.

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