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40/40 Hosts Private Screening of FOX’s New Series Gang Related


Last night the 40/40 club was the place for a star-studded gathering celebrating the premiere of the FOX's new action-crime drama Gang Related. Set in L.A we follow the life of Gang Task Force member Ryan Lopez, played by Ramon Rodriguez. He work's on an elite team that includes The RZA, Sung Kang (Han from the Fast & Furious) and group leader Terry O'Quinn. Unknown to his partners is the fact that as a youth Lopez swore loyalty to Los Angelicos one of the most powerful gangs in the City. Lopez has honored this affiliation from childhood though all stages of his life and that hasn't stopped as he now works to clean up the L.A streets while looking out for his "familia".

The show captures that human dichotomy of good and evil that lives in us all. Is Ryan Lopez a hero, a criminal or something worse? In the end which honor code will he side with? Many of the elements in this remind of the journey Walter White in Break Bad took us on. You want to root for the guy and his initial goals to do good. Yet as the story unfolds you see that he is just as much a criminal as those he deals with. The ability to separate one from the other gets more and more difficult.

The crowd that came through to support the screening lost night was impressive. NBA legends Cal Ramsey and Walt Clyde Frazier came through. Hip Hop really came out to support the Rza as Bobbito, Rosie Perez, Dj Absolute and more enjoyed the evenings events. Gang Related is definitely worth checking out when it hit's the airwaves next week. May 22nd.

Jason Francis | The Social Media Samurai