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$40,000 reward for cop killer's arrest

Fred Cione
Phila. Police

People that kill police can expect to be caught quickly. In fact,just about every police homicide in Philadelphia has been solved. Except one. It involved officer Fred Cione who was gunned down January 30 1970. He was patrolling the 23rd district ( by 1970 boundaries) on the 1700 block of West Oxford Street.

This was in a much simpler time where security cameras were not in use to the extent they are now. Criminals did not brag about their crimes on social media , so police have little to go on. Today, Jan 16 2014 Philadelphia Police, announced a reward of $40,000.

Someone knows something.Maybe the criminal that shot Cione is in a nursing home,or maybe they are in jail, doing time for a different crime. If you share your knowledge, it could be worth $40,000 which will be payable upon conviction. It has been 44 years since this happened. The family of Officer Fred Cione was in attendance during today's announcement.

Just to put things in perspective , back in 1970 Frank Rizzo was the Police Commissioner. Less than one year later, he would be functioning as Mayor of the city of Philadelphia.

Anyone with info is urged to call(215) 686-3334/5

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