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4-year-old Lousiana girl killed, mother injured in dog by 130-pound family pet

This dog, originally described as a pit bull but believed to be an American Bully, killed a 4-year-old girl and injured her mother in an attack in Houma, Lousiana
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What breed is the dog that killed a 4 year old Louisiana girl Tuesday? That's what law enforcement in Houma, Louisiana is still trying to ascertain nearly 72 hours after the attack on the child and her mother, according to an article published today on the website.

Initial reports described the dog as a 130-pound pit bull, but newer reports indicate the dog, Niko, is registered as an American Bully.

The 4 year old and her mother were apparently watching television on the couch in the living room of their Houma, Louisiana apartment, when the dog suddenly snapped and attacked the child. The mother was able to get the child away from the dog, and escape to a bedroom, where she was able to lock the dog out. She ended up having to hand the child to paramedics through a bedroom window.

The child died at the hospital. The mother remains in the hospital in "moderate" condition recovering from injuries inflicted on her by the dog while she tried to rescue her daughter.The attack apparently shook up the town's police chief, Todd Duplantis, who described the scene as "horrific" and said the attack was "shocking", according to a report yesterday on the website. According to officials in the press conference yesterday, police arrived to find the dog in the apartment acting in a "very vicious manner." The mother and child were barricaded in the bedroom

The dog attacked police officers, and the officers shot the dog. Chief Duplantis said in the press conference that the dog charged police as they tried to enter the apartment and the dog was shot three times. The officers ended up using "lethal force" and shooting the dog ten more times as they tried to get inside.

The dog reportedly had not shown any signs of aggression in the past, and there were no indications he had been abused or taught to fight; all indications were that this dog was a loved family pet who snapped.

A female dog, reportedly a pit bull named Khloe, was in the apartment at the time of the attack and did not participate. Khloe, who reports indicate is six months old and is thought to be going into her first "heat", is in the shelter in Houma. Khloe apparently has shown no signs of aggression during or after the incident.

An ApartmentGuide listing for the apartment complex, Houma Highlands states:

Pets Accepted
Weight restriction: 50
Deposit: 400
Up to 50lbs No Aggressive Breeds

Could this horrific attack have been avoided? It appears that the second dog behaved appropriately and kept her nose out of the situation. What triggered the attack? Please leave your comments below.

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