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4-year-old found dead in NYC apartment: Tortured and starved for weeks

4-year-old boy found dead in NYC apartment. He had been burned, cut, tortured and starved allegedly by the babysitter.
4-year-old boy found dead in NYC apartment. He had been burned, cut, tortured and starved allegedly by the babysitter.
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A four-year-old boy who was found dead in a New York City apartment had been starved and tortured for at least three weeks before his death. Little Myls Dobson was enduring some horrific abuse while most people were enjoying the recent holiday season and the last weeks of his short life was full of horror and pain.

According to NBC News on Jan. 11, this little boy was found dead in a Times Square apartment. He had been burned and cut all over his body including his testicles. His father left him with a 27-year-old babysitter when he was incarcerated. Kryzie King is the babysitter accused of torturing the child and also leaving him on the apartment balcony with temperatures hovering near zero while he was wearing nothing more than a diaper.

King was arraigned in court on Friday facing charges of “first-degree assault, first-degree reckless endangerment, endangering the welfare of a child and unlawful imprisonment,” according to CNN News today. Police are waiting for the autopsy to come back for the official cause of death and more charges are expected after cause of death is determined.

New York Police Commissioner William Bratton told reporters that “Myls suffered horrific injuries sustained over a period of days.” King entered a plea of not guilty when she came before the Manhattan court on Friday.

The biological mother of Myls was not given custody of the boy because she lived in a shelter and the father was the parent who could better provide for the child. He was arrested on racketeering charges and left the child with the babysitter when he went to jail. The child’s mother had been actively seeking custody of the boy at the time of his death.

King was the child’s “primary and sole caretaker” from the time his father dropped him off with her on December 17 until his death this week. The horrific abuse this little boy suffered while he was in her care is beyond comprehension.

King was questioned by police and she admitted to giving the boy some of his injuries. She told police that she removed a hot rack from an oven wearing an oven mitt and placed it against the boy’s right leg. The child had linear burn marks in that area. She also said that she put the boy out on the balcony in sub-freezing temperatures wearing a T-shirt and shorts. She left him there for about 20 minutes.

King said she tied his arms and legs with shoe laces and gagged him. Marks on his ankles and wrists are consistent with this. When she set him free she beat him with a belt as many as 13 times. The vast amount of injuries seen on the boy’s body match the story she admitted to while in police custody. She also locked him in a dark bathroom for hours.

This woman, while descriptive about what she did to the child, did not offer why she did this to the four-year-old. Little Myls lost 20 to 25 pounds while in the custody of King.

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