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4-year-old boy dead after being tortured and abused in Hell’s Kitchen high-rise

Four-year-old Myls Dobson was abused and tortured for weeks in a Hell’s Kitchen luxury high rise apartment before he died on Jan. 8. The NYPD, responding to a 911 call from Myls’ babysitter, found the little boy unconscious and in a bathtub at The Ritz Plaza in mid-town Manhattan on Wednesday.

‘the child endured horrific injuries over a period of days.’ ~ NYPD Commissioner
Ashlee Dobson/Facebook

He “was covered in cigarette burn marks all over his body and had lacerations on his arms, legs and genitals,” according to The Huffington Post.

In addition to bruises covering most of his little body, one of Myls’ front teeth had also been knocked out.

Myls was transported to Roosevelt Hospital where he died soon after arrival.

Last month when Myls’ father, 37-year-old Okee Wade, was arrested and jailed for “skipping a court appearance in New Jersey on fraud charges,” Wade asked his girlfriend, Janaie Jones, 37, to take care of his son.

It was the girlfriend who confessed to police that she had beat Myls for days until the little boy died.

Jones said she was just trying to discipline the 4-year-old when she told police, "I was giving him corporal punishment. I was trying to control him."

Originally though, Jones told police that the boy had just fallen in the tub.

Jones — who went by the stage name Kryzie King — told police Wednesday that she left Dobson alone in the bathroom and heard a "thud," police said. When she went inside, she claimed she saw the boy lying unconscious in a bathtub, police said.

Jones said she burned Myls, and beat him with belts and hangers beginning on Dec. 28, 2013. She also confessed to keeping the little boy locked up and alone in the bathroom for long, extended periods of time.

Bill Bratton, NYPD Commissioner, described Myls’ condition as “tragic and horrific.”

"The briefing I had this morning provided, in addition to some very horrific pictures, some detail based on the investigation of what that young boy had been forced to deal with for several days. I won't go into more specifics than that," Bratton said at a police promotion ceremony in Queens, adding the child endured "horrific injuries over a period of days."

The Daily News reported that there were other loving and caring family members that could have taken care of Myls; but Myls’ dad instead opted to choose “a woman who beat the boy with a belt, making sure the buckle struck his head.”

On the last day of his tragic life, the preschooler asked to go to McDonald’s. Instead, he was beaten and locked in a bathroom.

Myls had previously lived with his mother, Ashlee Dobson, in S.C. But Ashlee Dobson lost custody of her son after being charged with child neglect.

It was Ashlee Dobson who had the grim task of identifying her four-year-old son’s remains on Thursday.

“Why? Why? Why?” Myls’ mother, Ashlee Dobson, 29, asked when she first saw his brutalized body, according to her lawyer. “How could this happen?”

For more on the tragic tale of Myls Dobson, see the video accompanying this article.

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