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4 ways your company can benefit from social media

Social media has taken the marketing industry by storm and has emerged as a subsidiary: social media marketing. Social media marketing has become very popular among Business-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business companies alike. The following are four ways in which your company can benefit from taking your company’s marketing efforts to social media.

Get to Know Your Consumers
Businesses are taking their marketing efforts to where their consumers are: social media. Finding ways into consumers’ personal lives provides immense benefits for businesses. With social media, companies are able to see what their consumers’ interests are and what characteristics of companies they find most valuable.

Creating ways for customers to reach out to your company will give opportunities for relationship building, allowing your business to become more than just a name. Building relationships with consumers ensures they come back to you for their needs, choosing you over another competitor every time.

Provide Exceptional Customer Service
Social Media has also provided a new means for customer service. If used effectively, social media will allow companies to respond quickly to any customer complaints. While on a public platform, companies have an opportunity to correct any wrongs and provide the customer with exceptional customer service for all consumers to see.

Gain Brand Recognition
Reaching consumers has never been easier than with social media. Providing a way to gain recognition and increase follower growth, social media gives companies new and creative ways to get recognized.

A popular tool companies use is product giveaways where consumers become eligible upon “sharing” the company’s post. Having consumers “share” a post gives the company incredible amounts of exposure and all at the cost of giving away one product.

Increase Your Sales
Social media provides a channel for exclusive deals for your products, which consumers will find valuable. Gaining followership on social media sites is often the hardest part of social media start up, giving away products, using contests, or providing deals will get consumers to your social media sites for those extra savings.

Once you’ve gained their followership, you’re able to use this valuable opportunity to gain a dedicated consumer and increase your sales. Using social media analytic tools, such as Google Analytics, will provide you with your return on investment (ROI) of your social media efforts, so you will be able to see first hand, in hard numbers, how social media is benefitting your sales.

These four ways are not the only options for benefitting from social media. Social media has emerged as a new channel, an effective technological tool to reach your consumers. Though not as rich as a face-to-face conversation, the benefits of this creative communication channel are endless. These endless possibilities are what makes social media so fun for creative marketers. Allow your imagination to run wild and you will see just how far social media can take you.

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