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4 ways to trade screen time for play time

Between school, work and countless individual interests that pull families in all directions, it can be difficult to find ideas that draw everyone together for some quality family time.

Whether your family likes to create, play, eat or all of the above here are some family - night activities for everyone to participate in and enjoy.
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Instead of firing up the DVD player this weekend, why not use your family nights as a chance to be intentional about building and strengthening connections with your family? By using these evening to have fun together, you can promote a sense of belonging, create positive memories and encourage communication.

Whether your family like to create, play, eat or all of the above, the following family night activities are for everyone to participate in and enjoy. So pick a day, trade screen time for play time and have some fun with your family.

  1. Learn together
  2. Eat together
  3. Remember together
  4. Create together

Click on the links above for more information on the activity. Watch the video for other ways to get unplugged to re-connect with your family.

What are ways that you and your family unplug and spend quality time with one another?

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