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4 Ways to Spring Break Differently

Watch the sunset behind the rugged hills of Texas Hill Country.
Watch the sunset behind the rugged hills of Texas Hill Country.

When someone utters the words “spring break” and all you can think of is a mass of people and inflated costs, maybe its time you took a different approach. Whatever your daydream, these destinations have the character and charm that you won’t find at the conventional spring time retreats.

Texas Hill Country, TX
The famed Texas Hill Country can be found between Austin and San Antonio. The land consists of rugged hills that overlook sweeping valleys cut by spring-fed rivers. Meadows filled with the vibrant shades of Bluebonnets offer breathtaking views of this southern state. While you are there, take a self-guided tour on the Wine and Wildflower Trail, which offers wine tastings from more than 30 vineyards. This central region of Texas is quickly becoming a nationally known southern wine destination, where the wildflowers are always in bloom and the southern hospitality is always plentiful.
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West Palm Beach, FL
Forget South Beach, take the road less traveled when visiting Florida this spring and experience one of its smaller beachfront cities. West Palm Beach, offers entertainment and activity with a personalized touch. Deemed one of the oldest cities in south Florida, West Palm Beach has transformed its historic presence into an attractive lively waterfront city. Its smooth sandy beaches, luxurious neighborhoods and top ranked culinary options make this “Gold Coast” destination a must see. Catch the St. Louis Cardinal’s during their spring training occupancy or watch Kid Rock, Robin Thicke and other musicians’ headline the city’s annual SunFest. With it’s abundance of shopping centers, dining and entertainment options there is truly something for everyone.
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Seattle, WA
Home of the world’s first Starbucks and this year’s Super Bowl champions, Seattle, Washington is a northwestern cultural hub. Situated on the coast of Elliot Bay with Mount Rainier looming over the city’s skyline is an epicenter of art museums, epicurean gastronomy, music venues and show theaters. This eco-friendly city is best discovered on bikes for an up close and personal look at some of Seattle’s most famous sites. Take a ride through the neighborhoods that were influenced by the Native Americans and Nordic immigrants for a visual lesson in history and culture. Or, head down Lake Washington Boulevard for a scenic eight-mile drive that is surrounded by lakes and views of the Cascade Mountains. A stop at Seattle’s Arboretum, which hosts over 40,000 different flora varieties from around the world, is yet another beautiful way to appreciate this city’s diverse offerings.
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Alamo, NV
Head 90 miles north of Las Vegas and you will find yourself in an unfamiliar and unpopulated western terrain. With a peppering of fishing lakes, natural hot springs and the Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge – the ranching town of Alamo is an all inclusive atmospheric destination. This historic Nevadan ghost town is also home to one of the most famous military bases in the world, Area 51, and just a few miles away you will find yourself in “Alien Country.” Join the thousands of UFO enthusiasts from all over the world and explore the Extraterrestrial Highway’s space themed shops and “alien” eateries.
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