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4 ways to rekindle your love

Complacency is a huge issue in marriages today. People tend to get into a routine and before they know it, they have grown apart and don't know how to find their way back to each other. People tend to forget that when they first started dating they were not deeply in love with one another. It took time to build a foundation and fall in love. There are a few things that couples can do to rekindle the flame that burnt out long ago. These things don't have to break the bank or take away too much family time. Couples should always try to remember to take time out for each other and fall in love all over again.

Put the spark back in
Photo by Wyteeshia McRoberts

A quick, romantic note can make a world of difference in a bland marriage. Taking the time to write out thoughts and feelings on paper and leaving it for a spouse to find later is an inexpensive way to be romantic. The spouse could have had a bad day and finding a note hidden in their vehicle stating how much their spouse adores them could change their whole day. The spouse could go one step further and have the note delivered to their spouse at work or at the gym. There are no limits to where the note can be placed or how many notes can me left. The couple may even make a little game out of the note giving. They can try to see who can surprise the other the most.

Lazy days are what most people only dream about. If a spouse has had an extremely hard week and they are off on the weekends, breakfast in bed is a great option. Cooking their partners favorite breakfast and delivering it in an inventive way, can bring a smile to anyone. This can be taken a step further and made to be a whole day of pampering. A wife can dress in a maid's costume and be at her husband's every beck and call for the entire day. A husband can wear nice slacks and a bow tie and be a wife's waiter for the day. The possibilities are endless and it can be a fun thing for both parties. If the couple has young kids they can either be sent to a babysitter for the day or they can be incorporated in the activities. The costumes would have to be more tasteful with the children involved, but making it a family affair can still have the same effect.

Most married couples do not get to enjoy lunch together. They usually spend lunch with co-workers. If the spouse has an understanding supervisor, the other spouse can call ahead and ask if an extended lunch would be permitted so they can surprise their significant other with a lunch date. Most people only get an hour lunch and the spouse would probably be thinking there is no way that they can enjoy a nice sit down lunch in that time frame. With the permission, they can enjoy one another without the children and stress of having to rush back. If the supervisor isn't that understanding or the job will not allow for extended lunch periods, a nice picnic lunch would suffice. Packing all their spouse's favorite snacks in a basket and having a picnic in their office or in a park nearby would let their spouse know they actually took time to think about them. Food definitely brings people together.

When a married couple has children, having alone time is kind of difficult. This last way to rekindle a spark will require planning and a babysitter. A surprise weekend getaway to a local bed and breakfast or to a nearby city that neither have been to. This will take both people out of the hustle and bustle of reality and put them in a world for just the two of them. They can stay inside and spend quality time with each other and reconnect. They can shop and try the many restaurants that the city has to offer. The possibilities that this getaway could bring are never ending. The spouse planning the getaway can make reservations for a couple's massage or a nice candlelit dinner at a beautiful restaurant. Sometimes getting away from it all is all a couple needs to bring it back together.

These are just a few options that can rekindle the romance in a burnt out relationship. Couples need to get those creative thoughts moving in their minds. Broken families are a major problem in our society. Divorce seems to be acceptable more than ever. People treat marriages like expensive clothes they really can't afford, but get anyway to make themselves look good. They leave the tag on and try to take it back after they wear it to get a refund. Letting a significant other know they are still appreciated can be the difference between a happy home or a house of hell.

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