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4 Ways to positive energy for teenagers

Sometimes you just don’t feel good. And you may have tried and tried to relieve yourself of stress and other negative energies by eating, drinking, or having sex. But, you still can’t seem to get yourself out of the dumps--- use these tips to get and keep more positive energy.

Upon awakening

While you are showering, getting dressed, and preparing breakfast--- think about how wonderful it is that you woke to see another day. Acknowledge the fact that it is an opportunity for new possibilities, the ability to learn new things, and to grow.

While working out

Before and during your work out routine, imagine how healthy and fit you are becoming. With each deep breath imagine all the negative thoughts and emotions you have had throughout the day are disapperaring. As you sweat, imagine all oif the impurities that are leaving your body.

During meal time

Think about how nutritional, wholesome, and delicious your food is to you as you prepare to eat it. Notice how healthy and attractive you are becoming. Give thanks to the ones who made it possible for the food to make it to your table.

While playing sports

Remind yourself that you are all there to enjoy yourselves and to keep fit. Yes, you would like to win the game, but it is sportsmanship itself that is more important. Keeping this in mind will help you become a winner in all areas of your life.

While relaxing

Think about all the wonderful things that you have gotten accomplished. Be appreciative of what you do have and of what you don’t have as well. Sometimes we are not willing to go through what we would have to in order to get certain things. For example, a job as a supervisor--- sometimes they have to work long hours and don’t get to enjoy time with their family. While showering or taking a bubble bath imagine that all the negative thoughts and emotions that you have experience during the day are being washed down the drain.

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