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4 ways to be a savings-savvy shopper in 2014

Searching for a great deal will have you on your way to spending less in 2014.
Searching for a great deal will have you on your way to spending less in 2014.
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By Natalie Marusin

The new year has begun and for many of us that means making promises we hope will actually last this year. From eating healthier to saving more, we all have something we want to improve on in 2014.

And we’re here to tell you that if spending less this year is on your to-do list you can easily stick to it – without sacrificing style. Here are four ways to stay fabulous and spend less in 2014.

Hunt for deals

We know the temptation -- the perfect pair of heels is begging you to buy them. They’re your size, your style and are stamped with a lofty $250 price tag. However, you must not give in. Trust us, if you shop around you will more than likely find a great deal on a similar pair of polished pumps.

Searching for a great deal is one of the easiest ways to keep more money in the bank this year. With great websites like you can search for what you are looking for and more importantly, find the best deal. Plus, rocking those shoes you scored a great deal on will make you feel even more fabulous.

Join email lists

Whenever you are shopping online or in-store you are probably asked to join an email list. An easy response would to say no – you don’t need all that junk mail piling up in your inbox, right? Wrong.

Retailer’s email lists are an excellent way to score some extra savings here and there. Many stores will send out exclusive offers and deals in emails. And a trick of the trade is to set up a separate email account to send all those merchant emails, so your personal email won’t be backed up.

Stack savings

So you’ve joined an email list, snagged an excellent coupon and are ready to start shopping. Did you know you can add even more savings to your purchase? We’re talking cash back websites. These free sites, like, will pay you a certain percentage of your purchase back -- in cash. For instance, if you have a 25 percent off coupon and can get an additional 10 percent cash back on your purchase – you are stacking some serious savings.

Cash-in on freebies

Another way to ensure you’re getting more bang for your buck in 2014 is to grab freebies. Free shipping and free in-store pick up should become your BFF this year. If you can get a great coupon, add cash back plus get free shipping – you’ve hit the jackpot. That’s more savings than you would normally receive by shopping in-store with a coupon, delivered right to your door, for free. And just like that, you’re a savings-savvy shopper.

Natalie Marusin, a savings and couponing expert, writes for

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