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4 Ways my friend has jacked up her resume

Jacked up resumes can't have out dated, old school empty phrases
Jacked up resumes can't have out dated, old school empty phrases
Picture Taken by Debra Ann Matthews

Have your friends ever asked you to 'take a look at their resume? Have you agreed to write a letter of reference and requested a copy of your colleagues resume only to be stunned at the results? Well, this professional resume writer and certified career coach stands in awe that a dear friend placed her in just this situation. To my dismay, I feel equally that I have searched the internet over in hopes of training, retraining and empowering the masses to show their unique marketable value in ways that hiring managers can receive only to be busted with this document of ill reproach ! As I laugh and give her the WOW ! LOL ! WHAT HAVE YOU SENT ME look, I quickly think of writing this article. Any resume writer wants her friends career communications to shine ! And for friends of resume writers, please don't show anyone your jacked up resume. Instead, please keep in mind these Jacked up resume do nots:

1. Jacked up resumes can't have the famous 4 out dated, old school empty phrases:

  • Objective
  • Resumes
  • Month day year of graduation - Month and Year is sufficient

2. Jacked up resumes can't offer vague information such as summary information that give 8 lines of vague, inconclusive arbitrary statements about an identifiable professional. Such descriptors such as these say absolutely nothing:

  • Goal oriented; able to lead by example as well as direct others through positive methods
  • Follow policies and procedures; work in a timely basis
  • Quick learner; able to follow written and oral direction
  • Always do over and above what is expected in professional and personal settings

3. Jacked up resumes can't have sporadic dates of job duties dating back to 1990!

4. Jacked up resumes can't have empty lines on a 3 page document that looks as if the writer hit the enter button 8 times! Jacked up resumes can't have:

  • Job descriptors in present time (for past jobs)
  • Job information that do not include punctuation
  • Empty words and phrases such as "responsible for" .. when describing every job


Those who are friends of resume writers and who may potentially need a resume critique, please do the following:

  • Ask your friend to explain your resume critique process including level of investment for services. Don't expect complementary services. Leave that option to your friend to extend.
  • Go to your friends website, blog, LinkedIn page, FB and read an article or two to see if there may be a few tips that can enhance your resume writing.

It's okay to talk 'shop' talk to your friend and let him or her know that you are embarking on a job search and will be submitting your resume to potential sites. I am sure if you say this, your friend who loves all things resume will say something encouraging, informative or otherwise insightful to help you. After all, believe me, your friend does not want to see your jacked up resume. After all, your friends will think that your jacked up resume is a reflection of your friends. And we don't want to have that, now do we? Check out the article, "Is Your Resume Like A Dinosaur?" Debra Ann will be glad to send you a free copy, simply email or connect with her on Face book.

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