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4 uses of indoor rental plants

Indoor plants have several benefits. A 2013 study by the University of Exeter found that a leafy environment inside a building improves worker productivity by 47 percent.

Plants remove toxins from the atmosphere, and provide a natural ambience inside a building.
Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Improving Air Quality

A building's air quality may be improved by installing certain plant types that remove toxins from the atmosphere.

"Tightly sealed offices with their beautiful furnishings are proving to be hostile environments," according to Plantscape, an interior landscaping company. "All sorts of dangers lurk inside ­- formaldehyde and benzene fumes released from building materials, furniture and carpeting; ozone from copying machines; fumes from cleaning solvents; radon and secondhand smoke."

Plants remove toxins from the atmosphere, and provide a natural ambience inside a building. According to the Green Building Council of Australia, indoor plants reduce sick-leave absences.

Using Rental Plants

Corporate managers don't have to purchase natural plants, which require constant maintenance. They can use indoor plant hire companies that rent or lease plants to customers. Weekly rates can be less than $5 per plant.

Here are four uses of indoor rental plants:

1. Corporate Functions

Renting natural shrubbery may be a perfect way for executives to reduce tension in a business negotiation or meeting. Less stress can result in a better presentation.

A study by Washington State University found that visual exposure to plants helped to reduce blood pressure and stress within five minutes.

2. Expos and Conventions

Booths at expos are typically filled with posters, product samples, and promotional handouts. However, managers can differentiate their displays by incorporating leafy foliage to make their booths more appealing to visitors and prospects.

Convention halls can also be notorious for the unwanted smell of fast food (think hot dogs and nacho cheese) that may emanate from nearby food vendors.

Green shrubs can at least provide visual refreshment, and in the case of flowers, aromatic relief for people with sensitive noses.

3. Business Development

If you're selling a "green" product (such as energy-efficient appliances), you may want to use indoor rental plants to underscore your organization's eco-friendly mission.

If you work in sales in an environmental industry (natural gas, wind farm, recycled paper), it may be advantageous to reflect your company's eco-friendly products by having natural shrubbery in your reception area and conference room. Studies show that executives like to do business with like-minded people.

4. Family Events

Family events such as reunions, baby showers, and wedding anniversaries may be appropriate occasions to use indoor plants. The green foliage and trees can provide natural ambience and a relaxing atmosphere.

Rental plants have many uses for special events. Users can obtain their benefits without committing the host to permanent ownership and constant maintenance.

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