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4 Types of Managers Most Employees Loathe

Management is a profession that is sought by some who do a great job and overrated by others who give the title a bad name. The position comes with a lot of responsibilities that many people are not prepared to handle. Those who assume the role often take the title far above their pay grade or at the expense of their ego. Oftentimes management can make or break an organization. Poor management can result in high employee turnovers, unhappy employees, lack of trust in the leadership and unmotivated personnel. Ineffective managers lack the knowledge to notice when they are disrupting the place of work. In their eyes, everything is just fine. It’s this lack of focus that causes employees to hate their manager. Listed below are 4 types of managers most employees wish would resign before they do.

Dictator – There are no leadership skills present. They don’t respect what you do on the job and rarely give you praise for it. Everything is based on their opinion and nothing else matters. They refuse to look at a realistic picture of what is actually happening versus what they expect to see. They chose to dominate the decision making process without looking at different perspectives. This type of manager looks out only for themselves versus those whom they lead. They often use staff to do their job and staff never gets credit. When they are not around, things are peaceful and seem to go smoothly.

Desk hugger – It’s a loving relationship. Instead of walking around getting to know the staff they manage, you never see them away from behind the desk unless they are in a meeting or at lunch. They are permanently glued to the seat. Their focus is directed towards what’s in front of them and not what options are available for growth. They are comfortable being positioned in a stationary position and any movement makes them nervous.

Micromanager – This is a high paid babysitter perspective. Instead of assisting the employees where they need it most, this type of manager chooses to find everything he/she can to nitpick. What is and what’s not done. What you are doing wrong vs what you have done right. Negativity is the highlight of their day. This manager finds new things for you to do and they don’t even understand it themselves. Their idea of management is nonexistent and their ultimate goal is to stress you out.

One who lacks communication – This manager does not personally know how to have a conversation with those whom they manage. The manager speaks and discipline through electronic communication or verbal cues from their body language. They have no idea who works in the company or who has left. They send mass emails instead of communicating one on one. Their lack of interpersonal skills are ever present. It shows when they attempt to have a conversation. They don’t know what to say and always seem at a loss for words.

The truth of the matter, as an employee, you pray for a great manager. As a manager, you hope to get great employees. In reality, if both parties knew their roles, accepted the responsibility and worked to accomplish a common goal, the partnership may be doable. It’s difficult in both seats to work with someone who doesn’t comply with the company rules. Nevertheless, the loss of great employees because of a sorry boss and the headache and lack of productivity because of lazy employees can be a struggle. It’s important for HR to express the expectations of both prior to hiring and expect that both follow the protocol.

Nichelle Womack is a small business and career consultant. She specializes in helping people reach their greatest potential through self-reliance and internal motivation. Nichelle provides inspiration through public speaking. Positive thoughts and language are her fuel for energy. Looking for more great tips, check out "The Master Tip Manual for Personal Success" @ and "The Power within a Raw Diet" @ Many blessings and much success!! Want more info about Nichelle? Visit her websites @ and

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