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4 Trick or Treating goodies to avoid: Lousy neighbors remembered from Halloween

Raisins don't need to be shared on Halloween
Raisins don't need to be shared on Halloween

If my house starts on fire, there’s no doubt it most likely will burn to the ground. Thank the over the top critiques I gave to the neighbors during Halloween last year. Lesson learned as helpful advice isn’t always wanted feedback, especially when it comes to pointing out cheap treats that don't really coordinate with Halloween time.

The neighbor kids and I went out around the cul-de-sac last Halloween to enjoy the evening and to our horror, we are living next to some lousy treating neighbors. Yep, this could have been avoided but there were rather ridiculous goodies placed in our bags so we had to say something.

Some neighbors are destined to be finding reasons not to dish out the sugar during the holiday that screams lollipops, candy corn and chocolate. In fact around this Los Angeles neighborhood, the adults around this Westside Los Angeles neighborhood were pathetic. After the third house, the kids were discouraged on the lousy treats given by the neighbors and begged to move down the block passing up houses of neighbors known for less than cool treats..

In what was close to 30 houses visited, over half gave away total turn offs as treats for the kids. Complaining before ever leaving the porch, the kids were completely dismayed as Halloween is a nice for fun and compliments, not raisins and erasers.

After the night of stomping around the neighborhood, I sat down with the kids and we composed this list of lousy neighbor treats. Consider it carefully as next time as your house will be remembered if you go cheap on Halloween treats.

1. Pencils, erasers and pens. With school already in session, giving away any writing instrument is lame. No really, who wants to be reminded they have to write something down when they are wearing a cool costume.

2. Stickers. The thing about stickers is one person’s idea of cool is another’s dread. The coolness of stickers is really personal so stickers with smiley faces isn’t something the kids will appreciate after leaving it on the givers mailbox at the end of the lane. Adults won’t appreciate it either after the permanent adhesive is left for them to clean.

3. Raisins in a box. The little red and yellow boxes of raisins ooze awfulness on a night supposed to be honored with candy. Left in the bottom of the bags and shared with the dog only out of desperation, it is the least favorite item in any kid’s bag of treats and ended up in the bushes.

4. Little booklets to color. Last year the corner school teacher gave out a small, thin pocket sized book for the youngsters to take home. The theme of healthy foods was touching, but put in the wrong place, especially for kids who were looking to get a sugar fix.

To be on the safe side, have a variety of candy for the local kids on your block when you answer the door. The only time of the year where the sugar is free flowing and the fun starts with a knock on the door, the kids are sensitive to the givings of the neighbors. In addition to fulfilling the dreams of the kids, the kids will be less likely to toilet paper your house because you were good to them and when it comes to sugar (or a sweet treat) it is always remembered.


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