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4 top energy party drinks to get you through New Years Eve

In cast you are getting drowsy after midnight - these are some great ways to keep your energy up while partying down.
In cast you are getting drowsy after midnight - these are some great ways to keep your energy up while partying down.

Partying past midnight can be a hard thing, especially if you have done New Year's eve parties for the last 25 some odd years. Especially after a couple bottles of champagne get passed around, a little pick me up with your late night festivities can be jut the thing to keep you having fun into the wee hours of January 2nd.

enjoying a bottle of Catuma sparkling wine

Keep in mind that these kind of drinks are now in the media, as people can be stupid with them and down gallons and give themselves all sorts of problems. Please remember to imbibe responsibly, or the same thing that happened to Four Loko ( which if you can still find the caffeinated versions, the blood orange would make a great early morning cocktail). Wide Awake drunk is still drunk.

1. Catuma Sparkling Passion energy wine
If you can find it, Catuma Sparkling Passion energy wine is the perfect thing to help you through the New Years if you are getting drowsy before midnight. Rather than going for the usual bottle of Totts, this sparkling wine is not only caffienated, but also has some good stuff to help boost sexual function. Catuma is mostly sold in Asia, but wine itself is German and the energy ingredients are all from the Rainforest. They even donate a portion of their profit to helping rainforest initiatives. You vcan read more about it here: as well as their main website :

2. Buckfast Tonic Wine
How to adequately describe the joy of Buckfast is a hard thing to do. Across the pond the news looks at Buckfast, created by the monks at Buckfast Abbey as a drink which incites violence and boisterous behavior. All I can say i that it is delicious, caffeinated and full of enough powerfully strong flavor to deliver a wakeup punch to your tastebuds as well as your energy levels. You can ask for it to be brought in in some of your bigger liquor stores. You can read my review of Buckfast here:

3. Surly Brewing Coffee Bender
Some people have a hard time with drinking nothing but wine for this time of the year and need another kind of bubble. There are a great number of great coffee beers out there in the market, but for a great buzz and a brilliant taste it is hard to beat Surly Brewing's Coffee Bender out of Minnesota. This is no accidental brew. They spent over 10 years perfecting the right kind of coffee brewing process along with the selecting the correct beans that this is a coffee to make a special trip to Minnesota for. You can read more about it here:

4. Vicious Vodka
When the evening turns a little hotter and the drinks need to get a little harder, you can not go wrong with cocktails made with Vicious Vodka. Vicious is a serious vodka - not only is this a nearly perfect vodka in terms of flavor and quality, but it already has the caffeine - so there is no need to mix with Red Bull and ruin the taste. Just add a hint of vermouth and a couple olives and you are ready to go! You can read more about it here: or you can hea to their site at

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