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4 Tools Every DIYer Should Own

5-in-1 Saw
5-in-1 Saw
Home Depot

As you gain experience in this field, you will find yourself gaining tools as well. I don't want to write about hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches and pliers, because I hope that those are in everybody's tool bag (or box). I want to talk about a few tools that will make your life, and every single job you do easier. So, here they no order of relevance:

  1. "DEWALT 12 in. 5-in-1 Hacksaw" This is one of my newest additions to my tool collection, and I am VERY happy I spent the extra money to upgrade from just a standard hacksaw to this version. It claims to be a "5-in-1", but if you are able to think outside the box, this saw will be great for virtually any project you need it for. I've used it already for cutting metal, PVC and trim as you would a normal hacksaw. I've also used it as a jab saw to cut drywall, cabinet backs and more. The versatility in this saw is as endless as what your imagination can think up.
  2. "Craftsman 8" Nail Puller & Scraper Bar" This tool is AMAZING for smaller prying projects. Great for pulling nails that are a little harder to get to than what a hammer can handle. This tool is also excellent for removing trim that you don't want damaged. Other things it can be used for with great success are wedging, lifting, hammering and many other things.
  3. "Channellock 85 Fence-Tool Pliers, 10 Tool Length, 3/4 Jaw Length" If you are looking for a great all-in-one tool that can handle seemingly everything you throw at it, this is it! You NEED this tool if you are a DIYer or do remodeling or construction work. Your imagination will prove the only limitation for this tool. This is one tool that can be used as a hammer, wire cutter, nail puller and much more.
  4. "Stanley 15-1/2 in. Super Wonder Bar Pry Bar" Yes, I am recommending a second pry bar as a tool you should own. If you have ever had to pull larger nails, lift large panels into place, adjust cabinets, straighten doors or other things, you will find this tool indispensable. Check it out for yourself, and find out how much it invaluable this tool will become in your arsenal.