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4 Tips to stay safe at Super Bowl XLVIII

This weekend, Super Bowl XLVIII is being hosted at the new MetLife Stadium in Rutherford, NJ. If you are one of the expected 100,000 visitors to the New York/New Jersey area with tickets to this year's football finale, the concern of a terror attack looms. There are four important steps to help stay safe this Sunday.

1. Follow the Rules. The NFL recently instituted its "All Clear" program which limits bag size and type, permitting only small handbags and certain clear bags. With only 12,000 fans issued parking passes, the NFL is requiring all others arrive to the via public transportation. Arriving by taxi cab will not be allowed.

2. Heighten Awareness. As Federal, State, and local law enforcement band together this weekend to protect the public, individual effort is also needed. Keep a watchful eye for anything out of place, with suspicion on those who appear out of place, nervous or hurried. Report suspicious activity to authorities. An remember, although there is safety in numbers, many terrorist aim for mass casualty by attacking a crowd. The Federal Bureau of Investigation offers advice to help prevent terrorist attacks.

3. Have an Action Plan. It pays to be prepared for the worst because it may not be easy to remain calm and collected. Understandably most people panic, but quick reactions may save your life. Realize you are unable to carry a backpack full of supplies, ensure what you carry is essential. It's proven that cell networks become overwhelmed after a catastrophic event. Carrying cash and a calling card might help you reach out to loved ones. Wear comfortable shoes in the event roads are blocked and walking becomes the only means of transportation.

4. Avoid Intoxication. Pre-game partying typically involves drinking. Catching a beer buzz while celebrating might be a football tradition, though realize it impairs your decision-making ability Be responsible and try not to over-indulge. Remember, you want to enjoy the day and remain safe.

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