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4 Tips to get your best Eye Brows

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European Wax Center

Looking vibrant and alive after a long sleepless night can be anything but easy, breezy. But if there is one makeup trick that can give you an instant awake and ready to take on the world look it would be have manicured eyebrows. It’s a face-lift without the crazy cost or long recovery time. Simply put your brows highlight your face, frame your eyes and help to define your expressions.

So for those of you who only have five minutes to spare or burn the midnight oil take the weekend and brush up on the quick brow tips from Jessica Coba, co-founder of European Wax Center.

Strong and Bold
Although a well-defined look is pretty popular this spring try lowering the arch if you want it to be softer and more feminine. Think Victoria’s Secret model Lily Aldridge.

Thin is in
When it comes to enjoying this season’s trend there is a bit of a full brow love; a lá Brooke Shields flaunting her Calvin’s. But if you weren't born with her brows then accentuate your eyes by going with a higher arch.

Don’t be a square
Rosario Dawson's squared, chiseled face is nothing short of beautiful. Her look is enhanced and defined by her having a higher arch. Alternately, Keira Knightley's arch is more rounded which softens her appearance.

Less is more
Having a lighter more manicured eyebrow can give your face the fresh “I have just gotten back from vacation look”, you've been longing for. If you want to channel Jessica Simpson feminine manicured brow bring the end to a graceful point.

Overall no matter what brow style you choose to embrace be it bold, skinny, high or low arched, keep your brows as the focal point of your face by using a brow powder to define your perfect shape.

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