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4 Tips to avoid having your dog lost or stolen

Always keep an eye on your dog
Always keep an eye on your dog
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Every day tons of dogs are either coming up lost, missing or stolen. Sometimes Fido may just wander off and sometimes Fido is snatched by a bad guy. Of course situations out of a dog owner’s control might take place, such as a car accident or a break-in theft, but most of the time, owners can take precautions to avoid their dog going missing or being stolen.

No Outside Alone Time

It’s so easy just to open a door and let the dog go outside for a potty break on their own. Perhaps you even watch from the door way or a window. The truth is, even the most well behaved dog can be tracking a scent and get so involved that they will soon wander away from your eyesight.

You may even feel comfortable because you have a fenced yard. Dog-nappers have no problem reaching across a fence to snatch a dog and it only takes a second. It’s even possible that the last person out of the gate forgot to latch it properly. The only way to know for sure that the dog stays in your yard is to be out there with him.

Rules to Leash By

Leashes and collars wear out over time. If you take your dog for long walks, make sure that the leash is in good shape. A frayed leash and one big lunge by an excited dog could leave you holding the leash as your dog runs free. If your dog is in unfamiliar territory this could be a problem as he runs around exploring, excited by his new found freedom.

Never drape your dog’s leash over something to free your hands to do something else. If you are sitting in a park, do not leash your dog to a bench while you walk away to use the restroom or toss trash away. He may manage to slip loose, or someone just may walk past and let him loose and even grab him.

Never tie the dog to a pole while you take a quick look inside a store, even to grab a quick drink. If your dog cannot enter a building with you, just don’t go in. You may think you can see the dog through the window and that’s fine. But if someone quickly grabs your dog, can you get back outside fast enough to do anything about it?

Dog Park Dangers

Just as people may lurk at schools to kidnap children, dog-nappers will lurk at dog parks. Don’t let your guard down just because the dog park is in a fenced secure area. Do not sit on a bench and read the paper or text your friends while your dog plays and runs with other dog pals. Keep your dog in your sight at all times.

Is someone being overly friendly to your dog or paying a little bit too much attention to him? This could be a warning sign that your pet is being “scoped out.” Does this person even have a dog with them? The only way you know these answers is if you are out there playing with your dog, or at least keeping a close eye on her.

It’s terrible that in this day and age we have to take every precaution to avoid having a lost or stolen dog, but it is happening to much these days. If you think it won’t happen to your pet, you better think again. Many of those that are now searching for their lost or stolen dog, probably never thought it would happen to them either.

Know Your Groomer

Many people will dispute this, but the facts are that some dogs do get lost, stolen and mistakenly handed over to the wrong people at some grooming facilities. If your dog has been to the same groomer for many years, you probably know and trust them. Smaller privately owned shops might be the way to go.

If you take your dog to bigger chain store places that have several groomers and many clients coming and going it is best to stay with your dog while she is being groomed. It is never a good idea to leave them at the groomer’s for long periods of time, especially if the person is not familiar with you or your dog.

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