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4-Things you must do in Greece

The weather for many of us may be cold, grey, wet, and dismal for most of the year, so what better reason to book yourself a well deserved summer holiday either this year or the next. We work hard for most of the week and we sometimes need a little time to recharge our batteries so to speak, and revitalise our bodies. For that reason alone, many people opt to head abroad to sunny climes where the sunshine is rich in vitamin D, the beaches are warm, sandy, and welcoming, and the food and drink is simply divine. When we talk about summer holidays, we simply have to talk about the popularity of the country, Greece. With deep Azure blue skies, light sandy beaches, an abundance of shops and restaurants, and a whole host of other tourist and holiday maker-friendly attractions, Greece is one of the most popular summer holiday destinations in the entire world.It's also ideal for those amongst you with young children. If you’re thinking about heading to Greece for your well earned and well deserved summer holiday next year, then why not browse some of the best holiday deals in the area? Now that you’ve no doubt got your hearts set on Greece, here are some of the top things you should do there, that will make your holiday one of, if not the best, of your entire lives.

Relax on a gorgeous sandy beach –For many of you, the weather is no doubt cold, dark, and dreary at this time of year, so why not sit back, relax, and picture the scene. The sun is shining brightly down onto your body. You’re relaxing on a comfortable sun lounger, burying your feet deep in the light warm sand. The waves of the sea are gently helping to calm and soothe your senses, and you’ve never felt so relaxed or content in your entire life. Now, stop imagining it, book your holiday to Greece, and make it happen. It doesn’t matter which Greek island that you choose to spend your holiday on, you can rest assured that there will be hot sunshine, and warm sandy beaches. You can lay back, read a good book, sip on a cooling cocktail, and let the warm sun gently bronze and soothe your body, enriching it with healthy vitamin D. If you get too hot, why not get up from your seat, and head down to the sea, and have a swim. The beaches in Greece are some of the best in the whole world. Don’t take our word for it however, book your Greek holiday and see for yourself.

Marvel at a stunning sunset in AgiosGeorgios Castle in Kefalonia - AgiosGeorgios Castle is one of the best locations to witness a gorgeous picturesque sunset in all of Greece. Many photographers strive to attempt to capture the most stunning and perfect looking sunset on camera that they possibly can. Many try, yet few succeed spectacularly. If you happen to be a keen photographer, then the ancient castle provides you with an absolutely perfect view of a majestic and awe inspiring sunset. AgiosGeorgios was actually the capital of Kefalonia up until around the 17th century. This ancient fortress dates all the way back to the 12th century, so even if perhaps the sunset isn’t for you, or you wish to be back before dark, then this ancient castle is still worth a visit. Little is known about this landmark, but even so, it’s still spectacular in its own right, and like we said, the views are simply out of this world.

See the acropolis of Athens–When you think about ancient Greek architecture, the ancient acropolis, visible from the capital city of Athens, sits highly and proudly above the city, visible for all. This stunning piece of ancient Greek architecture is built entirely out of marble. It is a vast yet primordial citadel which is built high up on the rocky mountain tops of the city of Athens. At night, the acropolis is illuminated in a warming yellow hue of light, and some believe this makes it even more beautiful. Whether you visit during the day, or the night time, make sure that you do indeed visit. Once again, if you’re looking to expand your photography portfolio, then a few snaps of this landmark can only mean good things.

Visit Little Venice –If you’re more interested in the cosmopolitan glitz and glamour of everyday life, then the city of Little Venice, will be right up your street. Located in the popular holiday town of Mykonos, little Venice is often rife with celebrities, and high society members of everyday life.Little Venicegets its name because the buildings here have been constructed right by the edge of the sea, many of which actually have their own balconies overhanging and overlooking the water. With a vast array of shops, cafes, restaurants, and other popular meeting and gathering places, little Venice is ideal for those of you who wish to see how the “other half” live. The only problem is that when you leave, you’ll wish you could move there the next day.

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