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4 Things You Don't Know About Werewolf Diet

Shedding off a few pounds in order to fit into that perfect wedding dress or be able to have a killer figure has become more than a fad among many people around the world. Designers make clothes to fit a specific body therefore it becomes disheartening for one to spend a lot of money and not be able to fit into the clothes due to snacking.

What is werewolf diet?

The werewolf diet is a diet plan that helps one to detox their body and usually centers upon individuals fasting according to the lunar phases. It is referred to as the lunar diet or the moon diet and it has a following from renowned celebrities like Demi Moore and Madonna.

What does the diet entail?

The werewolf diet is divided into two that is the basic moon diet and the extended moon diet. Our bodies consist of more than 60% percent water and the moon is believed to affect our bodies the same way it affects water bodies on earth.

The basic moon diet

The basic moon diet consists of consuming liquids only through a 24 hour fasting period. Liquids that are accepted to be consumed during this period include juice and water. In order to start the diet, an individual needs to begin at the exact second when the new moon or the full moon occurs.

As stated earlier, the moon affects the water contained in our bodies the same way moon gravity affects the water found in the ocean. For this diet plan to work, everything is about timing and discipline.

For those who would like to start this diet plan, they will be able to lose 6 pounds within the 24 hour period of fasting and because the fasting will only happen once a month, the body will not be in any immediate danger. In the end of fasting, your water weight will be lost by a certain percentage but if you are not careful you may end up regaining it making the whole exercise pointless.

The extended moon diet

The extended moon diet is the second diet plan for the werewolf diet. As many of you know, the moon has several phases which include the full moon, the waning moon, the waxing moon and the new moon. The extended werewolf diet plan is covered during all the phases of the moon described above.

For starters, during the new moon or full moon, users need to follow the basic moon diet which consists of fasting for a 24 hour period by taking only fluids which consist of water and juices. When the waning moon phase occurs, the user is needed to start consuming solid foods which should be accompanied by 8 glasses of water to lose weight.

Many people forget how many glasses of water they have taken in a day. The best way to keep count is by wrapping 8 rubber bands around one wrist. Each moment you drink a glass of water during the day, you remove a single rubber band and place it aside. The 8 glasses of water per day helps to detoxify the body.

During the waxing moon phase, the users are required to eat less than they usually do but should ensure they do not starve themselves. Also one should not eat anything after 6 pm when the moonlight is visible.

Should people try the werewolf diet?

Although the diet promises that one will lose 6 pounds in 24 hours, this diet should not be tried by anyone who seriously wants to lose weight. The moon diet focus on water weight rather than fat burning meaning one can regain water weight faster than they lost it making the whole exercise pointless.

Although it is followed by celebrities like Demi Moore and Madonna, the moon diet has been found to have side effects especially when one follows the extended version. The extended moon diet requires one to fast through the moon phases which mean they will be denying their bodies the necessary nutrients and calories. Side effects such as fatigue, dizziness and irritability are bound to surface as one is not required to eat anything after 6 pm.

Another reason why anyone should not try the diet is because it has not been scientifically proven as an effective detox program. Our bodies are effective systems that have organs which help in performing different functions for example kidneys remove body wastes 24 hours a day for every moment of our lives.