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4 Things to say when prospects protest: “It’s Too Expensive.”

"Too Expensive" Image

By Ann Convery

Have you ever come to the end of a great conversation with a potential customer or client and heard, “I’d love to, but

it’s too expensive. I can’t afford it.”

Jerri was a skilled coach and trainer, but

selling made her nervous.

Whenever she heard a prospect say,

“It’s too expensive, ”Jerri made the

rookie mistake of talking back to her


Rookie Mistakes:

1. “Not when you compare the value

you’ll be getting.”

2. “This program is actually half

my usual rate.”

3. “Do you know what Tony

Robbins charges?”

4. “Can you afford not to invest?”

5. “What will happen if you don’t

invest in yourself now?”

And more often than not, the prospect would hang

up with, “Let me think about it.”

And Jerri would follow up, and hear,

“Thank you for calling, but I can’t make a

decision now.”

Jerri was suffering and so was her income.

Jerri didn’t know was that there are

4 kinds of “too expensive,” and she didn’t

know how to find out which one she was

up against.

Here are the 4 kinds of “Too Expensive.”

The 4 Kinds of “Too Expensive”

1. "I don't have the money-- period."

2. "I don't know whether this is worth it."

3. "I don't know whether this compares favorably to other options."

4. "I think that this is worth it, but I'm not sure I want to spend the money."

Jerri stopped trying to answer the “too expensive” objection.

She started asking questions instead.

Jerri realized that she had to find out which “too expensive”

she was dealing with. Otherwise the conversation turned into:

"Who, me? Expensive? I'm not expensive. Not when you consider the value..."

This was the deadly trap Jerri had fallen into.

All she got was excuse after excuse.

She could not find the real deal-stopper,

So she couldn’t deal with it and close her client.

Finding the Real Excuse

Jerri learned to gently ask questions, such as:

1. "Well, I mean, will they switch off the electricity if you spend the money?”

2. “You know, having listened to your friends who've done the course, you think you personally can do it? They did it, but it depends upon you...

3. “So, you're saying that yes, you see yourself doubling your revenue. Do you think there's an easier, cheaper way of doing it?”

4. “You said you've misspent money in the past on programs? Do you feel that this could happen again with the one here?”

Faster than she could imagine, Jerri’s prospects

began to open up to her, because people tend to get

very honest when they feel respected.

And she was able to help them see what was really stopping


And by remaining neutral and questioning, Jerri helped

her prospects make a good decision – which frequently

became – to work with her.

Jerri began to sign client after client.

Her business began to grow, and so did her new-found


Don’t settle for the first “too expensive” you hear.

It’s a smoke screen.

Keep asking.

Ann Convery created “Speak Your Business,” a system used by thousands of clients across the globe to increase their business up to 300%. “Speak Your Business” shows anyone how to instantly trigger the “buy” signal in a target market, online or off. Ann has delivered over 150 trainings worldwide. She has been interviewed by The Los Angeles Times, Elle, Cosmopolitan, ABC-TV, and Entrepreneur. Her two books were published by HarperCollins.

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