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4 things to do with leftover yarn

The holidays are over and all the crafts are made. But, what do you do with all that left over yarn from those holiday yarn crafts? Here are some easy and popular ideas for what to do with that yarn. Most of these ideas are geared for crocheters, some are for knitters. Most of these are easy for beginners and links are posted to all instructions and examples.

Lots of skeins of leftover yarn
Darlene Luckins

Make granny squares or coaster circles: Granny squares and circles are the basics for many projects. It’s always good to have a collection of various squares on hand that can be sewn together for blankets or even pieces of clothing when needed. Coasters make great gifts and, like granny squares, they can also be sewn together to make a unique piece of cloth. Here are some great sites for instruction on how to crochet granny squares and coaster circles:

How to crochet a granny square (
How to crochet a granny square (
How to crochet in a round

Make a multi-colored yarn ball: While there are many skeins of yarns available that are already multi-colored, this is a way to make your own combination of colors. This is especially useful when you have only a few yards of several skeins left. Tie those spare pieces together and roll it into a single ball. Make sure you tie knots in a way that is discreet. When you’re ready to use, do not pull pieces apart and use each color as it is tied together. Here is an example of this kind of yarn ball (which is also called a “magic yarn ball” in some cases):

Tips and Tricks: Magic Ball Knitting

Create small items: Make small items such as bookmarks, tiny pillows, small toys, or decorative items. Other items can be things like coin purses, baby bootees, cat toys, and Christmas ornaments.

And, finally, there’s a unique art form done by the Huichol people of Mexico that uses yarn. Modern versions use glue, but original versions use beeswax. This is a good project for students learning about Mexican culture. Here are a few sites that explain how to get started in this type of art:

Mexican Yarn Painting (Auntie Annie’s crafts)
Make your own Huichol yarn painting

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