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4 Things to Do to Make Father’s Day 2014 Extra Special

Father’s Day 2014 is coming up fast and those who want to make this year’s celebration of dads an extra special one have to carefully plan out the gifts they’ll give. However, the presents of the day don’t have to be just tangible items, but also things to do, whether it’s time spent with dad or activities for him to enjoy alone.

In the US, the date of Father’s Day this year is June 15, 2014. The challenge for those planning on celebrating the day is in devising ways to make it stand out from all prior years, making the time one that’s sure to be cherished as an extra special memory. This means doing something a little different from the usual. Read on to get inspiration for Father’s Day 2014 things to do.

1. Let Sincerity of the Heart Reign

One of the best ways to make Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, or any type of holiday that’s meant to honor another in your life truly special is to capture the depth of the meaning of the day. What is Father’s Day all about? The history of this celebration in the U.S goes back to the early 20th century. Mother’s Day had been firmly established, thanks to Anna Jarvis, and many, seeing the importance of celebrating parenting, felt that fathers shouldn’t be left out.

Many woe the fact that holidays have become far too commercialized. They are proven right when holidays of honor become more about the money spent than the respect, honor, and love that’s supposed to be expressed. This year’s Father’s Day, don’t let June 15, 2014 pass by without the father figures in your life knowing exactly how much they mean to you. That’s the main objective, after all. Have that heart-felt conversation with them, even if you’ve never done it before. Who knows what life will bring? Don’t miss out and enter into regret.

2. Place the Focus On What He Likes

Whatever you give to, or do with, the dads in your life on Father’s Day 2014, make sure that it’s all about them, who they are, and what they like. A lot of children are of the unfortunate habit of giving their parents gifts that is all about what the child likes and has not much to do with what the parent likes. Don’t make this mistake on this coming holiday. It’s a piece of gift-giving etiquette that should always be observed.

Skip the ties and cuff links, unless that’s something that he loves to collect and use often. Same thing goes for cologne and the notorious soap-on-a-rope. Season sports tickets are great only if they’re for his favorite sport and team. Dinner is nice, if it’s at his favorite restaurant. Is there something he’s always wanted to do? Then consider doing that on Father’s Day this year.

It’s also good to give him things that are good for him and that he truly needs. For example, many men struggle with their own skin care. Why not give him a gift certificate to a skin care consultation at Nefertari, or treat him to some high quality skin care products for men?

All of these are gifts that carry true meaning, sentiment, and weight. They can help make 2014’s Father’s Day an extra special one.

3. Plan a Worry-Free Surprise Trip

Life is busy. A lot of families don’t have to time or resources to send dad off on a trip, or take him on a trip, but if you can, and he likes to travel, then you should. Many people do have a trip in mind on their list of Father’s Day 2014 things to do. However, there are some secrets to making such a plan actually work.

The main issue is that many people by cruise tickets for Father’s Day, or make other types of travel plans without really seeing if dad can take the time away, or if he would feel comfortable doing so. When he has to be hesitant to go and stressed out all during the trip, then it was never a good gift for him.

If a Father’s Day vacation is in your plans, make sure everything is covered whether it be at home, in the office, or financially, so that the dad you’re celebrating can actually feel free to celebrate and enjoy his special day.

4. Make the Gifts a Complete Experience

Can’t get away from it all? Will he be busy for Father’s Day 2014? No problem. The day can still be a lot more than a single wrapped present handed over to him in passing. Make the day a complete experience of honor for him from the morning until the evening, as time allows.

He gets up in the morning to head to the office. As he’s preparing for the day, present him with a special men’s skin care gift set, perhaps even a new suit and cologne. Then, as he heads outside, surprise him with a clean car, Have a Father’s Day card waiting for him on the dashboard.

He goes to the office. It’s his lunch break. Surprise again. Show up and bring him is favorite food, if that’s allowed where he works, or have something extra special packed in his lunch, if he takes it with him.

He heads home and pulls up in to the drive way. Greet him with excitement. Have his favorite dinner ready.

Surely, you get the idea by now. The point is to make Father’s Day 2014 about the father and about the love.

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