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4 steps to creating an unforgettable brand name

Your personal brand is incredibly important when job hunting.
Your personal brand is incredibly important when job hunting.
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Brand loyalty takes time, dedication, Providing superior quality and service, and a ton of marketing—however, it all starts with developing an attractive brand name. For this reason, don’t take choosing your brand name lightly—make it something unforgettable. Want to know how? Then follow the 4 steps below on how you can develop an unforgettable brand name listed below. You may apply these methods to your personal brand name.

Start With your Target Audience
One of the first things you need to do in order to help develop an unforgettable brand name is start by learning everything you can about your targeted customers—as they are the ones you want to attract. What are their interests? What common demographics do they share (Average salary, age, etc.)? Also find out what other brands they are loyal to so you can learn what current brands names they are attracted to.

There are a lot of ways you can do this. Some great ideas to learn about your target customers includes checking out blog postings that are related to your business and make sure you read the comments. You can often get links in their comments to their Facebook where you can learn more about them individually.

You can also check out discussion boards to learn about them as well and see what other products and services they are recommending in their discussions. Personal surveys of individuals can also be done, although this will take a little more time.

Research & Analyze Competitor Brand Names
Another great way is to check out the brand name your competitors are using. When doing this, you need to analyze a few pieces of information to help you visualize how they were able to make their brand name a success. Things you should analyze include:
• How they use their brand name towards the products and services they are marketing
• How their brand name, slogan, and corporate identity work together in unison
• Why you believe the brand name they chose is attractive? This requires analyzing on your own, using your own personal perspective.

Brainstorm Ideas
Once you have researched and analyzed your target customers as well as your competitors, it’s time to take that information and begin brainstorming brand name ideas. Here is where you will need to get your pen and paper out (or white board and marker if you’re working with a team).

While brainstorming, it’s important to simply write whatever comes into your mind. Don’t worry about how silly it sounds—if it’s a brand name idea—write it out. You will see by doing this you will be able to come up with a larger amount of brand name ideas than not writing it down. This is because writing it down allows you to brainstorm more effectively and come up with other clever ideas. And who knows, later on, you might decide it wasn’t as bad of a brand name as you previously thought!

Once you have your brand name ideas are written down, it’s time to pick at least a few from your list to consider. Do this by prioritizing your list until you have a few brand names you believe are going to match your business and will be an unforgettable name.

Get the Opinion of Others
Don’t just depend upon your own or team’s own personal perspective on what brand name is best. It is always a good idea to get a better opinion from others, more specifically your targeted customers. Sometimes we can be self-confident and not pick the best brand name when we really should be getting feedback from our target customers.

So how can you get the opinion from others? One great way is through surveys. These are easy to do today because there are many online survey companies that can do this at a fairly cheap price. Also, you can make sure the ones that do the survey are interested in your products and services so you’re more likely getting the opinion from your target audience. You can also consider making your own list of targeted customers and doing the surveys yourself.

The four steps mentioned above are an excellent guideline to helping you pick the best brand name to represent your business. Follow the four suggestions mentioned in this guide and you will increase your chances of creating an unforgettable brand name.

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