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4 sets of twins on basketball team: High school team dubbed 'twinsanity'

Four sets of twins on highschool basketball team out of Pennsylvania.
Four sets of twins on highschool basketball team out of Pennsylvania.

Twins can be hard to tell apart, but when you have four sets of twins on one basketball team, this can be a bit confusing for the coach. Alderdice High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has Coach Buddy Valinsky seeing double all the time when out on the court, according to CBS Local News on Jan 20.

It can be a confusing mess for the coach who tries to remember who did what during the game, he said “It’s hard for me ‘cause’ sometimes I really don’t know which kid to yell at.” Even though each kid has a number, he still doesn’t remember at the end of the game which one did the good play and which one made a mistake.

With the odds of having twins being three in every 1,000 births worldwide, what are the odds of four sets of twins, all boys, attending the same high school? What about the odds of these four sets of twins joining the same school basketball team?

Whatever the odds are, this school’s basketball team has to have shattered that number. Three of the sets of twins are identical, with the fourth set being paternal twins, but they still look an awful lot alike.

The name “twinsanity” was coined for the team that looks as if they were cloned. The coach was sure to say that while the twins bring attention to the team, there’s a group of “supporting players” that aren’t twins on the team.

So for now, Timmy and Jimmy, Kenny and Keith, Javaughn and Davaughn, the three sets of identical twins and paternal twins Juwan and Jalen, make up a good part of the team. This is one team that most don’t forget when they start seeing double on the court for the first time.

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