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4 Robot Apps for Creativity

Download Sendy in the iTunes App Store now!
Download Sendy in the iTunes App Store now!
Mrs. Judd's Games

"Robots Are Everywhere!" is the well observed notion offered in a recent Huffington Post article about robotics for kids. Robots and robotics programs can be empowering aspects of STEM initiates in education (which are designed to infuse science, technology, engineering and mathematics into curriculum). This robot-theme is helping to bring imagination, exploration, ingenuity, and problem-solving into the school-day.

Robot design projects challenge students to imagine scenarios that can be tested in real-world settings. Designing with function in mind is an extremely valuable form of creativity. For this same reason the robot-theme has also become a dynamic part STEAM and STREAM programs which seek to integrate education by adding an "A for Art" and "R for Reading/Writing" to empowering STEM experiences.

This set of 4 iPad robot apps for kids begins this process by encouraging children to imagine, design, and create various types of robots and inventive robotic worlds. What will your child create?

1. Tiny Robot Maker (by Tiny Twiga Studios) is a fun app for creative young kids. Design, save, and export a child's unique robots onto printed black-&-white coloring pages or birthday cards! Kids can then add colors and details on these real-world papers. Connecting real-world experiences with app explorations is a plus for learning!

2. Sendy: Steam-paint Kids Art (by Mrs. Judd's Games) offers students a place to design, create and innovate within a unique steam-based robotic world. This teacher recommended STEAM app has a moving trolley to deliver colors, a steaming set of art tools for creativity, and a fun set of rebus symbols/phrases for sending messages. Kids create robot worlds atop colorful backgrounds or classroom/family photos.

3. Toca Robot Lab (by Toca Boca)
gives kids an open-ended lab, with organized sets of colorful parts that are just right for designing robots. After building a robot, players can test their flying creation by freely navigating through simple mazes. Kids will enjoy collecting stars and toppling colored blocks along the way. The physics and play-value in this testflight mode are great!

4. Build & Play: 3D Planes, Trains, Robots and More (by Croco Studio) is 3D app for kids who enjoy following designated pre-planned designs to create operational 3D robots and other toys that move. After assembling their 3D robots, players can spend as much time as they like using controls to make these robots function/move in simple ways. Robot sound effects add a nice sense of realism!

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