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4 Resources to help fight personal debt

Get help to climb out of debt
Get help to climb out of debt
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When facing debt, it is okay to ask for help. Besides being broke, you may just need encouragement and guidance to help pay off debt. Are you having trouble getting started? Are you too discouraged to stay the course? The payoff plan will never work unless you attack it head-on. Don’t let yourself fail when you have resources to turn to for help. Give one or more of these a try.

Debtors Anonymous (DA) - Similar to Alcoholics Anonymous, this group helps consumers with spending problems. The meetings are free and anyone can join. Members freely discuss their financial troubles, struggles and successes. Listening to others may help to motivate and inspire you to take on your own debt problems. Search for a meeting near you at

Mental Health Professionals - Look for individual or group therapy to help with any emotional problem that may be fueling money troubles. If your insurance does not cover this type of program, you can look for free or low-cost resources in your area. Start on the National Mental Health America website for more information.

Books - There are many resourceful books to help you understand your relationship with money. Change your attitude and/or mindset towards finances and help you live a simpler debt free life. Embrace frugal living for a more simple way of life.

People who love you - Pride and embarrassment often stop people from going to loved ones for advice. You would be surprised to find that many of them have had to persevere through their own hardships. Don’t isolate yourself from friends and family when you need support and encouragement.

If you haven’t already discovered that you are not the only person with money troubles, open your eyes. Credit card debt is serious. Payday loan reliance is costly. Help is there for you. All you have to do is take the next step and go get it.

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