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4 Reasons to Try an Online GED Program

Picture this: a 25 year old single mother of two is interested in attending college. She works seven days a week at the local chicken plant, barely making more than minimum wage. Yet, she has a dream of becoming a nurse and helping those in need, while simultaneously building a better life for herself and her children. However, she isn’t eligible to apply for college because she never finished high school. Her grueling work schedule prevents her from being able to attend GED classes at her local career center, and unfortunately her lack of education also prevents her from being able to obtain another job with better hours. She feels frustrated and stuck – what are her options?

Each day throughout the area, people with similar stories go to entry-level and unskilled jobs. The lack of education limits these people in their career mobility as well as their education. If you are one of these people, there is a new trend that has the potential to benefit you in your quest for education and/or career development.

This new trend is the advent of online GED preparation programs. Online education is the fastest growing sector within the world of education to date. According to the National Center for Education, there were over 3.5 million students taking classes online in the United States in 2012. While this number is largely representative of students partaking in online college courses, there is a growing number of people choosing to seek out a secondary (high-school level) program online.

So, why should you consider an online GED program? There are many benefits to online education – particularly those who are seeking preparation for the GED test. Below are the top four reasons to check out an online GED program:

1. – Ease of Access: Most people who are seeking a GED have limited options for preparatory programs. There are the standard programs operated through local career centers or community colleges, and each of them has a set schedule for classes. But what about someone who works or has transportation issues and cannot make it to class during those specific times? An online GED program, such as the one provided by The Excellence Initiative, allows students to access the coursework from any place at any time, ensuring that they have full access when and where it is convenient for them.

2. – Privacy: Many times, especially as adults, there may be apprehension about pursuing a GED because they don’t want anyone to know that they don’t have it. While this is understandable, the lack of the credential is incredibly limiting for the individual personally and financially. The great thing about an online GED program is that it affords the student a degree of privacy as well, which allows them to confidently and clandestinely work toward their goal.

3. – Individualized Learning: One of the best benefits about the online GED option is that it allows for individualized learning. This means that students are able to focus on the concepts and ideas which are the most challenging to them, while not being forced to spend time on concepts they have mastered.

4. – Work at Your Own Pace: Following closely behind the last reason, online GED programs also allow students to work as quickly or slowly as necessary to ensure mastery of each subject, without wasting time on things that do not require active review.

These are just four of many benefits to pursuing an online GED program. It is important to remember that the actual GED test cannot be taken online, and that any programs or companies that claim to offer this option are most likely frauds. However, there are many accredited online GED programs which can ensure that you have proper preparation for the exam. Regardless of the method chosen, prospective students should realize that the most important thing is being able to complete that credential. For more information about how an online GED program works or to register for The Excellence Initiative’s program, visit

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