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4 reasons to switch to a cleansing oil right now

Why switch to a cleansing oil?
Why switch to a cleansing oil?,

For some the idea of a cleansing oil is a strange idea. After all, most people try to combat oil on the skin, but if you have mature or sensitive skin, cleansing oils can be just the thing you need nourish skin.

#HowTo Look Chic In Hot Weather

1. Cleansing oils are incredibly gentle. Scared of going to harsh on sensitive or acne prone skin? Cleansing oils glide over the skin, efficiently removing makeup without irritating the skin. There's no redness or irritation after.

2. Cleansing oils break down makeup like nothing else. In addition to be gentle, cleansing oils break down makeup so there's less tugging, pulling and rubbing when you wipe off the day.

3. Cleansing oils offer hydration. Moisture is important no matter your age or the state of your skin. Those with acne-prone skin often shy away from moisturizers and creams because they think it will irritate existing acne. Cleansing oils add moisture to the skin and do not strip the skin in any fashion -- a must for those with congested skin.

4. A little goes a long way. Looking to save your beauty pennies? Cleansing oils typically require one pump of product for removing an average amount of makeup, while two pumps will take care of heavy makeup (we're talking smoky eyes, etc.). Moderate to high end brands may ask $20-$50 per bottle, but the bottle will easily last between 3-8 months depending on the size.

The bottom like is it's a good idea to try a cleansing oil right now. The heat is on, which makes many of us feel like our skin is gasping for hair. Cleansing oil means your skin is hydrated enough to take on a lightweight moisturizer instead of a lotion or cream option, which can clog pores with the oil production you may experience during hot weather.

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