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4 Reasons 'Stick of Truth' is a must play video game

Stick of Truth characters
Stick of Truth characters
BagoGames via Flickr

After waiting through numerous delays, "South Park’s the Stick of Truth" was finally released on March 4, 2014. Fortunately, the title was well worth the wait. It certainly stays true to the look and feel of the long running animated series. Here are some of the best parts from the "Stick of Truth."

Character creation

Even though your character is a boy, that doesn’t stop you from dressing him up like a girl immediately. There’s make-up, pigtails, and an array of “girly” clothes to pick from. One of the best armors in the game was a princess outfit that my fighter class character wore until the end. The most amusing thing was not many characters seem to care what you wear. You would hear a snide comment or two, but South Park was a pretty cool place to be for a cross dressing new kid.

Randy is at his best

Randy is certainly a fan favorite from the show, and he’s featured more than any other adult in the video game. From saving him from a very graphic, but hilarious alien abduction or having him teach you a special “magic” move, Randy is just awesome in the "Stick of Truth." While the other adult characters have their video game moments, the interaction with Stan’s dad is just as crazy as it is on the show.

Nazis zombies taken to a new level

Many video games in the last few years have featured zombies, or Nazis, or even zombie Nazis, but "Stick of Truth" really kicks it up with its inclusion of Nazi zombie cats, fetuses, and mice to name a few. While the story starts out with a simple Cartman versus Stan and Kyle rivalry, it quickly devolves into the boys fighting weirder and weirder creatures.

Blame Canada

"South Park" has been known to make fun of Canada since the show’s early days. In the Stick of Truth, we actually get to visit the Great White North, and it’s one of the best surprises in the game. Canada ditches the look of the show for what can be described as an 8-bit RPG style game. Walking around the towns is like taking a step back to the early days of gaming. From the sound effects to the characters' design, Canada is truly stuck in the past. The only problem with this section was I wish it was a bit bigger.

While it may have taken years for the "Stick of Truth" to be released, it follows the essence of the show so closely, it’s like playing through a 14 hour long episode. All the characters act and feel like their show counterparts. I have barely scratched the surface of the hilarious and shocking parts that await gamers when they head down to "South Park’s Stick of Truth."

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