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4 pit bulls kill woman, brutally gnawing flesh down to bone: Owner may get life

4 bit bulls brutly maul woman to death, dogs owner found guilty of  second degree murder.
4 bit bulls brutly maul woman to death, dogs owner found guilty of second degree murder.
Wikimedia Commons

Four pit bulls, which all belong to the same owner, left over 200 bite wounds in a woman who died from a brutal attack. The pit bulls relentlessly mauled a 64-year-old woman to death who was out for her morning walk in her quiet neighborhood, according to Opposing Views on Aug. 30.

The coroner said the Littlerock, California woman had deep gashes in her flesh, so deep that the bone was exposed in places. The cause of Pamela Devitt’s death is blood loss from the hundreds of bites she sustained during the mauling, reports the New York Daily News.

It is not as if these dogs were fine and then one day turned on a dime, they’ve been involved in at least seven other fights in the last 18 months leading up to this killing. The Antelope Valley town folks told the media they have been confronted by a pack of dogs in the area and that is why they arm themselves when walking the neighborhood.

People out for a walk carry sticks, rocks and even guns to feel secure while taking that walk. Parents won’t let their kids play outdoors due to the dogs, which is far from the ideal way to live.

The owner of the dogs, Alex Donald Jackson, who is 31, had his day in court and he was found guilty in the murder of Pamela Devitt, who died at the jaws of his dogs. There is a reason that Jackson was charged with second-degree murder, not involuntary manslaughter as so many of these pit bull mauling deaths seem to fall under. The prosecutor argued that Jackson knew very well what his pit bulls were capable of.

Animal Officers took the stand to testify that a drunk Jackson threatened them with ““If you mess with me, you’re coming into the lion’s den.” Prosecutors cited the seven other incidents that the four pit bulls were part of as Jackson having some idea the dogs were capable of.

Jackson testified that he would not have kept any dogs if he thought they were capable of killing someone. That didn’t cut it for the court, they believed that he was very well in tune with what these dogs were capable of doing after evidence was presented of other altercations.

Jackson expressed that he “felt terrible about it,” he also said it “wasn’t anything that I orchestrated or planned, that I wanted to have happen.” Jackson is facing 24 years to life in prison and his brother feels that the courts are making an example out of him in this case, said Vincent Jackson to the media. Jackson will be sentenced on Oct. 3.

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