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4 pit bulls kill jogger: 200 puncture wounds left on dead jogger

4 pit bulls kill a jogger and the dogs' owner must pay his own price for the tragedy that took place in May 2013. Alex Donald Jackson is now guilty of second-degree murder,CBS Los Angeles reports Aug. 29.

Jackson's 4 pit bulls ran off his property and attacked 63-year-old jogger, Pamela Marie Devitt. The vicious dog mauling resulted in the woman being dragged 50 yards along with losing an arm and her scalp. Many wounds were so deep, bone was exposed.

All 4 pit bulls that killed the jogger were tested for evidence of Devitt's DNA.

31-year-old Jackson owned 8 dogs altogether; he had 4 pit bulls and 2 mixed breeds. It just the pit bulls involved in the woman's mauling.

Besides the second-degree murder charge, the dog owner is convicted on three drug charges for cultivating marijuana and possession and sale of a controlled substance." He wasn't found guilty in an incident deriving from an assault charge that he allegedly had an encounter with a woman riding horseback and commanded his dogs to attack her horse.

According to The Republic, Alex Jackson's brother, Vincent Jackson, thinks he's being made an example of.

"It feels like they're trying to make an example of him," Vincent says.

Animal control officers reveal that after the 4 pit bulls killed the jogger, Jackson was inebriated and threatened:

"If you mess with me, you're coming into the lions' den."

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