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4 Notable Tech Start-ups in Tampa Bay You Should Know About

Tampa Start-ups
Tampa Start-ups

For those interested in business opportunities and entrepreneurship, it is no secret that Tampa Bay is one of the best places in the world for young business-minded people to begin their start-ups. Let’s check some of the best tech start-ups in Tampa Bay and how they are currently developing.

Less than a year ago, New Port Richey cradled the beginning of a new tech start-up called SavvyCard, founded by John-David Sims, Daud Power, David Etheredge and Lisa Nalewak. SavvyCard’s mission is to provide business referrals and track profits generated by them in the form of leads and sales. The whole process is performed online so the customer does not download anything- just sign in with their registration. According to the David Etheredge, the expenses of founding a start-up in Tampa Bay are far lower compared to other high-tech corridors. The start-up enjoyed great success last year and was eventually named “Marketing Product of the Year” by the Miami Association of Realtors. The future plans of the company include working with Florida Funders and also providing their product worldwide.

ValetBoss, a Tampa Bay tech startup was once voted “Tampa Bay’s Hottest Start-up”, launching only in December 2013. The company was built off of the inspiration of the founder. Susie Steiner, CEO of ExecuTrans and organizer of Startup Weekend Tampa Bay, was frequently frustrated by having to wait for long amounts of time for her car to arrive. That’s why, being no stranger to developing start-ups, she thought of a way to improve the valet-customer relationship and launched a mobile app that allows you to request your car while you are still preparing for an event. Winning the “Tampa Bay’s Hottest Start-up” Competition was really useful for ValetBoss, which will now go to the next level and compete for the Hottest Showcasing Startup in the Nation title with 24 other start-ups from the USA.

Check I’m Here
Check I’m Here, founded by Reuben Pressman and Andrew Grubbs, aims to improve student’s social life on campus by tracking attendance and improving event management and organization. The idea is that students can swipe their ID’s directly on their mobile devices and check in at an event, which helps companies understand which students attend certain events, how to allocate funds for future events and to get useful insights that will help them increase the attendance. Students also benefit from being able to easily monitor campus life and engage in the events they are interested in. Pressman and Grubbs have already written the software for the application and have tested it with a few volunteering universities. Their plans for the future are to improve the design and functionality of the app and to popularize their product.

MobAdWin, LLC
Founded in Tampa Bay by Alex Dammous, the start-up marketing platform MobAdWin, LLC is promoted as the only win-win product of its kind. Its idea is very simple – people sign up for getting ads on their mobile devices and control when and how they see the ads. For this and for providing feedback for the companies, they get either cash, or special offers, vouchers or promo codes. The advertiser, on the other hand, starts a campaign and gets the results in real time. He or she pays only a part of what the campaign would have cost with a traditional media. Six months after launching, Dammous’s start-up had about 10,000 users – a serious online marketing number nowadays. According to the founder, Tampa Bay is the ideal place to launch a start-up, especially one like his own, because of the hunger for innovation and creativity. The project’s future aims are to develop more and more, attracting as many advertisers and users as possible.

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