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5 lessons to be learned from David and Goliath

David and Goliath,(1 Samuel 17) the story of a how a young man overcomes insurmountable odds and wins the battle, is well know in and out of the church.

In the story David, with just a sling and a stone defeats Goliath, who is heavily armored and overconfident. .The stone strikes the one spot on Goliath which is left unprotected-his forehead. Goliath's death is the turning point of the war and also the first step in David's ascension as the new king of Israel.

While many see the story of David and Goliath as just that, a story, recent archaeological discoveries however point to King David as being a part of history. While there will always be people who are skeptical of David's existence there are still some lessons to be learned from the story of David and Goliath.

1. Power does not always come in big packages. Goliath because he was big and well armored thought himself invincible. It took a boy to prove him wring. the same is true of us we don't have to be big and strong to so mighty deeds, we just have to have faith in God and his power.

2. Don't jump to conclusions. King Saul, his brothers and most likely every soldier who knew what was about to transpire saw David as an unlikely hero and figured he was walking out on the battle field to meet his demise. They jumped to conclusions based on David's stature. In life jumping to conclusions leads to all kinds of problems. It is far better to face the facts before making any assumptions.\

3. Giants in life aren't that imposing when you step you take a step back and look at them. The whole Israelite camp looked at Goliath and trembled but David took a step back, analyzed the situation and knew in his heart God's power was mightier than anything thrown at him.

4.. Don;t listen to the naysayers. Think of what might of happened if David had listened to those who said, "there;s no way you're going to beat Goliath." His path to becoming king would have been so different. Think about your life now if you had listened to all those who said God does not exist.

5. "With God all things are possible." The most obvious lesson to learned from the story of David and Goliath is when you have faith in God's ability to use your inability nothing in life is out of reach. God throughout the Bible takes faithful ordinary men and women and uses them to do extraordinary things.

These are just some of the lessons to be learned from the biblical story of David and Goliath. There are others.

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