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4 killer 'RUST' alpha updates needed

Potential killer 'Rust" alpha updates
Potential killer 'Rust" alpha updates
Rust Steam Page

Rust is a survival action sandbox game that drops players into a new world holding nothing but a rock and a couple useful items. The game mixes the player interaction of DayZ and the crafting system to make bases, weapons and other modifications like Minecraft. The game is only in the alpha stages but that doesn't mean that it's not available. Check out the Rust page on steam if an open world survival game sounds like something enjoyable. Be warned, the game still needs a little bit of work. Here is a list of 5 updates that would put Rust at the top of the survival sandbox world games.


Seeing over the towering world of Rust can be a pain. The alpha build of the game has some problems with rendering distances and when objects can be seen in the world. A couple of the weapons do have the option for scopes, but the scopes only zoom in slightly and objects in the distance can still only faintly be seen. Being able to craft or find binoculars in the world would be a huge plus and make the game more enjoyable.

Updated crafting system:

The crafting system in place is a very good start, but could use some serious updates. When establishing a home a player should be able to craft with all of the equipment in boxes placed in the home. Currently it is a frustrating struggle to juggle ingredients around different boxes. Also, when specifying the amount of an object to craft there should be a way to input text instead of clicking obsessively.


For new players it can be very daunting to jump into an open world and not have any clue where to go or what to do. Some kind of in game map and quick tutorial would help the new players get accommodated to the environment while not truly giving an advantage to anyone.


The island map that is currently in Rust is large enough that it can take a long time for a player to reach one side of the map from another. Introducing some small vehicles such as cars or buggies would make the trek not so daunting and introduce an interesting dynamic.

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