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4 insanely awesome zombie webcomics you should be reading

Artwork from zombie webcomic The Zombie Hunters.
Artwork from zombie webcomic The Zombie Hunters.
Jenny Romanchuk

With the rise of the zom-com (that's "zombie comedy" for those who aren't hip to the lingo), those wacky zombies are everywhere. They're climbing in your windows, eating your people's brains up. They're in books and movies and comic books. So it's no surprise then that the undead have invaded the wonderful world of webcomics.

Zombie Roomie is one of the best zombie webcomics to ever shamble the Interweb.
John Wigger

Here's a list of four insanely awesome zombie webcomics that you really should be reading (No seriously. Go read them. Right now).

The Zombie Hunters: This is the story of a group of zombie hunters living on an island and hunting the dead to earn their keep among the survivors. Zombie madness and hilarity ensues. By turns witty, sensitive, hilarious, and dramatic, the Zombie Hunters gives a glimpse of what it's like to be an outsider at the end of the world (and it's not so different from how we live now). Created by Jenny Romanchuk.

Zombie 2012: Think Die Hard meets Evil Dead. This action-packed romp through the zombie apocalypse features a tougher-than-thou-art protagonist and more than its fair share of roundhouse kicks and garrots. Join Corbin as he battles freakishly intelligent and disgustingly gooey zombies, all while dealing with the pain of losing everyone he has ever loved. Zombie 2012 is now available in print as a real-life, hold-it-in-your hands comic book. Created by Jason Primmer, Josh Bertwistle, and Mark Cromwell.

The Zombz: Being a teenager is hard enough, but try being a teenage zombie. The Zombz follows the undead misadventures of three zombie teens as they struggle against the status quo... by y'know, not eating brains and terrorizing the living and stuff. By getting into and out of some wild, unsupervised-by-adults scrapes, DK, Rot, and Wreck embody every boy's dream of being a crazed little monster hooligan. Created by Drawn to be Wild.

Zombie Roomie: Ever wonder what it's like living with the living dead? John got more than he bargained for when he was looking for someone to share the rent and ended up with zombie George for a roommate. This roommate comedy --full of weird, delightfully uncomfortable situations-- features a cast of the living and the not-so-living, including George the zombie, Jack the werewolf, and Vlad the vampire. Created by John Wigger.

Stay informed, stay alive: Did I miss your favorite zombie webcomic? Well shucks, nobody's perfect! Tell me all about it in a comment below.

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