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$4 gazpacho bloody marys: read on to live vicariously

Sevilla Long Beach on Pine Avenue
Sevilla Long Beach on Pine Avenue

Sunday at Sevilla
Sevilla is a small, tasty tapas restaurant on Pine Avenue in Long Beach, California.  With great Sunday brunch and musical and flamenco happenings on various nights of the week, it's a nice choice. 

A two highball brunch: Sevilla's gazpacho bloody mary and pomegranate mojito
Photo by Kristin Carlson.

Brunch:  You'll like sitting on the outdoor patio with a first-rate pomegranate mojito, waiting for bleu cheese-stuffed grilled dates and fluffy egg and onion tortilla espanola.  I also recommend the wild mushroom empanadas, and my husband particularly liked the homemade meatballs.

Dessert: For dessert, we had a lovely experience with Andalusian apple tart and caramel gelato, alongside a couple of coffees.

Don't miss:  The very best is a pleasantly spicy, memorable gazpacho bloody mary.  A healthy dose of vodka mixed into gardeny yumminess of chilled tomato cucumber soup, you'll be glad it's only $4 so you can get two.

This cafe/lounge has three locations in southern California, and is surprisingly good for a semi-chain.

Other good food in the area:

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Pine Avenue in Long Beach, California
With a convention center host to Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger's Women's Conference and other large, well-attended events in the Los Angeles area, Long Beach has only a few foodie restaurants. Luckily, emphasis is on quality over quantity. A walk down Pine Avenue takes you past the best offerings. Best of all, it's only a few blocks from the Westin, Ramada, Hilton, and other major hotels.