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4 fun resources for exploring fairy tales

Fairy tale stories appeal to both children and adults. There are dashing heroes, evil villains, and, at least in modern versions, a happy ending. Movies featuring re-imagined and retold fairy tales has become commonplace in the past last 15 years. For example, the Shrek trilogy’s playful take on Mother Goose and fairy tale creatures was one of the keys to its success. The latest success is Frozen, a retelling of the classic Hans Christian Anderson story, The Snow Queen. Frozen has not only topped the box office, one of its songs, “Let it Go” has also become a hit for singer Demi Lovato.

Of course, you do not need to take a trip to your local cinema to enjoy some fun retellings of classic tales. Long before Shrek was a movie, it was a popular children’s book. Here are four other creative retellings of classic stories that will appeal to the whole family.

Goldilocks – Author and illustrator James Marshall retells the story of Goldilocks in a way that will delight both children and adults. This fearless Goldilocks is not as innocent as she looks, and this story offers the Three Bears a chance to shine too. Marshall’s unique visual style can also be been in Cinderella and the George and Martha books.

Old McDonald Had a Woodshop – In this clever update of the traditional song, Old McDonald and her farm animal friends work together to build a toy farmhouse, complete with animals. The inside cover of the book shows illustrations and names for the tools used in the story. A must read for kids who are enchanted by the idea of building and creating.

Detective Boy Blue – Little Boy Blue has left the farm! Miss Muffet is missing and Detective Boy Blue is on the case. Parents will love all of the small background details included in the story. A street vendor is selling Hot Cross Buns and Little Jack Horner owns a pie shop. Detective Boy Blue is laid out in comic book/graphic novel form. This may inspire your budding artist to try something similar.

Shrek the Musical – Although this Tony –Award-winning musical had only a brief Broadway run, it is now available for home viewing on DVD or streaming Netflix. The musical’s plot sticks close to the first movie’s story, but adds in some fun song-and-dance numbers, as well as elaborating on a few of the fairy tale creature’s back stories. Since this is a recording of play, some scenes are not lit very well and Dragon’s appearance is a little disappointing.

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