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4 Bulletproof Ways to Monetize Your Blog

If you are looking for solid ways to monetize your blog, you found it. Remember, a blog must be constantly updated, be a place for people to meet and talk; it must be an online community. This takes commitment. If you are ready to make that commitment, then this article is for you.

Let’s begin.

Step 1 - Find a profitable niche.

Let's say you love cars. You want a blog about cars and you want to sell products on your blog.

Cars are a great topic, but here's the problem. The topic is too wide and has too much competition. Narrow it down to something people are interested in.

How about World War II German reconnaissance vehicles? Now we are getting somewhere!

Remember, it must be something that people are interested in. A handful of enthusiasts, won't be monetize your blog very well. Research your topic carefully.

Step 2 - Write your blog for a target audience.

You learned if you want to sell something, you need to narrow it down. Let's use jewelry as an example. You decide to write about rings. What kind of rings?

Fine jewelry.

If women, are they women looking to buy wedding rings? Or are they grandmothers looking to pass family heirlooms on?

Your blog design, language and style will be depending on who you target.

Note: Steps One and Two are the crucial beginning ways to monetize your blog. Skip at your own risk.

Step 3 - Promote - It's one of the most direct ways to monetize your blog.

Promotion needs to be done carefully as well, especially if you are new. Some websites will offer to index you in the search engines. There is no need for that. Your main focus should be to get into the top page of Google.

You do not need to submit your page to Google.

Before writing a blog post, do keyword research to see which keywords (phrases) have around 1000 searches per month. Too many searches and you will never rank for the first page. Too few means not enough interest in that subject. Never try and rank for one word, like cars. Rank for something more specific, like "muscle cars of the 1970s." You will get much better results.

Put your keyword phrase in once for every 100 words or so. Add pictures. Do not use your word too many times. You will get kicked out of Google's search results.

Create a Facebook fan page around your blog and post regularly, including new blog posts.

Use paid marketing campaigns to promote your site. Research the company before throwing money at them.

Create videos, articles, guest blog posts, forum posts, PDFs or whatever you can to promote your blog for free.

Sign up for Google Analytics to monitor your traffic.

Step 4 - Find something to sell

Out of all the ways to monetize your blog, this is most direct way. Here are some ways to monetize your blog, using muscle cars of the 1970s as an example:

Sell ad space to Google ads. Ads that target muscle cars will begin to appear on your blog. Every time someone looks at or clicks a link, you get paid.

Sell a physical product. You can create an online store with pictures of muscle cars on posters or t-shirts, or you can sell hard-to-find parts to restore old cars. Experiment to see what works best.

Sell a digital product. This is an eBook, video training series, podcast or something else that people would want to buy. For example, you can sell a video training series that shows how to restore a 1970 Mustang. If you decide to give away an eBook for free, you can include affiliate links inside of it. Adam Morgan does a good job of this on his blog.

See what others in your niche are doing to sell and try to gauge how successful they are. If they are successful, copy their success!

Do a lot of research. There are thousands of pieces of information to help you. Study well and find ways to monetize your blog that can help you pay your bills, or more.

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