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4 bodies off Florida coast mystery: Bodies floating in trashline recovered

Four bodies found floating in trashline off Florida coast, three more bodies spotted from the air.
Four bodies found floating in trashline off Florida coast, three more bodies spotted from the air.
Wikimedia Commons

Four bodies were recovered that were found floating in a field of debris off the coast of Florida in the Atlantic Ocean on Sunday. The bodies have given authorities an eerie mystery to contend with through the night, as three more bodies were seen in an aerial search today. The Coast Guard and investigators are trying to find the origin of the bodies as there is no sign of a shipwreck, life raft or any indication of how they got there, according to MSN News on Aug. 24.

The bodies were found about 20 miles off the Hollywood, Florida coast on Sunday when two boaters came across two male bodies floating among an ocean field of garbage and they called the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard’s search of the area turned up two more bodies, one of a man and one of a woman.

There is no sign of a boat or of the wreckage of a boat, so where did these bodies come from? The bodies were found in a layer of debris called a trashline, which floats on top of the ocean, reports today.

The trashline forms as the tide brings trash out to sea either from the everyday garbage found on the beach of if there is a storm the trash comes with the flood waters that have receded. When there is a storm and beach flooding occurs, the tide takes trash, broken pieces of homes and anything not nailed down with it, as discussed in a Charleston Outdoors archived article.

This causes a floating debris field of sorts and it is in one of these trashlines where the bodies were discovered. While four bodies have been recovered, aerial searchers are reporting seeing three more bodies close by to where the first four bodies were found, according to the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard command duty officer out of Miami, Michael Mullen said:

"We don't know who they are and how they perished. They could be from a Cuban migrant venture that didn't go well. But that is only speculation."

Authorities do not know if the dead recovered come from the U.S. or another country and they won’t have a clue as to their origin until the medical examiner completes the autopsies. This find is very mysterious because there are no signs of a ship wreck or life rafts in the area.

The Coast Guard continues to search for the three other bodies that were spotted by air today. They will search through the night to find answers. They may also find survivors if these dead bodies did come from a shipwreck.

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