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4 best ways to follow up after an interview

How to craft a winning interview follow up note
How to craft a winning interview follow up note

Following up after an interview is a must if you want to stand out. Not only do employers expect it, following up with a thoughtfully written email enables you to market yourself after the interview. Here are 4 proven tips to help you craft a winning post interview follow-up email.

1. Timing is everything. Waiting a week after your interview to send your follow up email won’t earn you any points. Ideally you want to send a thank you to everyone you interviewed with the evening after your interview so that it will be the first thing they see in their inbox the next morning.

2. Send a performance-based thank you. Take a few minutes immediately following your interview to assess how it went. Where do you fit in the best? Where can you contribute the most? In your follow up email provide a performance - based example related to a problem you identified in the interview that you can solve.

3. Go into recovery mode if necessary. Could you have answered a question differently? Did you fail to elaborate enough in one of your answers? Use the thank you email to address the issue head on with appropriate examples of your experience.

4. Tell why you want the job. Yes, employers have egos and they also want to know if you are interested in the opportunity. Use the thank you note to explain what excites you about the job and or company. This is the time to strut your stuff, reinforce your interest in the job and convince the company why you want the job. And this is yet another opportunity to communicate your career brand.

Following up after an interview gives you one more chance to market yourself and stay on the employer’s radar. Remember the saying about what it takes to make a sale. ‘It takes five to seven touches to make a deal’. Use your follow up email to close the deal and get an offer. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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